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1st time grower, 2months in veg, wanting to take a clone.


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Hey guys :thumb: I have a plant thats about 2 months or so into veg. Its a female :high-five: and its growing pretty good right now. I'm pinching the stems and getting some real thick rebuilt stem which is kicking its ass into 5th gear shooting for the finish line.

Check it out real quick :D

Anyway.. I'm not prepared to flower yet and I would like to get a clone of this, maybe to add in for a few extra grams(or more :high-five:). Would it be acceptable to take a clone from this bagseed and expect this one cutting to properly grab roots as its my first clone? Or would you wait it out and let this plant finish. Its only a bagseed, but if its from the bud I believe it is, it was some very good stuff. Only a few seeds in the ounce, so I wasn't too worried.

Sorry if this is kinda pointless.. I felt like a thread would help me.
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