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I initially posted this over on the FAQ area. Some one suggested I start a Journal ...... so, I copied it over to here. Where, I can keep updating it as I go. I picked up these three young ladies from two of the local collectives. Then, I took clones from them. That is, once I finally got the go ahead (a while back) from the wife to grow my own meds (medical marijuana .... legal grow) and set out to build a box specifically for cloning. So, here is the little box I built. It uses 2 dual 2' long T5's. Just wanted something simple.


My buddy had an old vent fan in his garage that I aquired. I use it to move the air in the clone box. I drilled a bunch of 3/8 inch holes along the top and put the fan over them. I then drilled a series of holes in the bottom to let fresh air in. It works fairly well for moving the air. The temp inside stays at 80 degrees and the humidity stays at 50%. I'm only running the fan on 30%.


I decided to build a box that is 4' x 3' x 6' tall. Initially, I was going to go with 2 ft x 4 ft. But, once I saw how narrow it would be, I made it a little bigger. I used 2x4's to make two squares. One for the top and one of the bottom. I then covered three sides in 1/2 inch plywood. Made a top and bottom. I drilled 25 holes in the bottom and 5 holes on each side of the box. When the size of all the holes are added together, they equal twice the area of the 4 inch exhaust hole. You can see the holes along the bottom of the box.


I then framed the rest of the inside using 2x2's. After which, I painted the whole thing flat white with water based paint. I got a great deal on a 6 inch fan and carbon filter. I decided to go with a cool tube and hooked them all together. Works really well. I had to get a rheostat for the fan since it was moving 500 cfm. I couldn't keep the temps high enough since it's getting cold here now. So I have the fan running at 1/3 speed and it keeps the temps right at 75 degrees and the humidity stay right at 40%. I use two temp/humidity sesors. One at plant level and one at light level.



I decided to go with a 600w ballast/light. I got a good deal on a kit that included the ballast, light bulb, cool tube, pulleys and timer. It's not top of the line, but it works great. Here you can see the clone box next to the big grow box. The ballast is mounted outside the grow box.


Since I only have a small area to grow in, I decided to try SCROG my first time out. I built a removable frame and used standard 550 cord to make a net. If I change my mind about scrogging, I can always remove the screen before next grow. I am using an organic soil mix and 5 gallon cloth pots. Here's my very young ladies stretching thier leggs in the BIG light. They are so happy to be out from under the T5's. I only have three in there right now (taking it easy first time out). But, there is enough room for 6 (comfortably) or 8-10 if crammed in there. I also built a pallet that gets the pots up off the bottom. The pots were covering alot of the air intake holes. It gets much better circulation this way. Plus, the air goes in cool at the bottom and has to move up through the plants/leaves as it travels up to the exhaust fan.


Any suggestions are appreciated. I tried to plan this thing out as best I could and read as much as I could. My intent was to try and get the setup right the first time around and not have to keep spending more money to upgrade to what I actually need. I waited before I ran out and bought equipment (even though I was chomping at the bit). I wanted to research as much as I could first.

Oh, now is probably a good time to say what kind of dirt I'm using.

I found a really nice local soil mix called Earthgro. It's an all organic mix that contains .....

- Peat
- composted forest products
- sand

I also found Black Forest Compost on sale. It looks to be another all organic mix that contains .....

- compost
- forest humus
- worm castings
- Chicken poop
- bat guano
- kelp meal
- oyster shell
- dolomite
- lime
- mycorrhizae

I used 2 cubic feet of the dirt and mixed it with 1.5 cubic feet of the black forest compost. Then, I added about 1 cubic feet of perlite to help break it up a little. I mixed it all up in my wheel barrel and put it into a plastic garbage can (with no lid) to use as needed. I am potting them in 5 gallon cloth pots. When I initially potted them in the big pots, I pour about a gallon of water in each pot. About an inch of water ran out into the saucers underneath. So, I left it sit there and it was all soaked back in by morning.

I started my clones the last week of September and I planted my three ladies in the big box on 4 October.

Well, hopefully my ladies will do well ..... only time will tell.


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Re: 1st Time Grower .. Box Build .... 1st Clones And New Grow (Maui Wowie, GDP, LA K

Checked on the Girls today. They all look really good. Since I put in the SCROG screen, I can now judge how much they are growing. Since I planted them on the 4th, then this will be the 3rd full day in the box. I've noticed that all three have grown over an inch and have much more new growth than before. They are almost touching the SCROG screen.

Here is the Maui Wowie. It seems to be doing the best out of all three. This one is going to stretch alot .... from what I am seeing compared to the other Indica Hybrids.


When I took clones from the GDP, I had to take them from the top. Suprisingly, there are like 5 new growth areas on top. You can only see three in the pic. But there are two more behind them. This one seems like it might bush out nicely. I have high hopes for this one.


And here is the LA Kush. It's lagging behind. But, it was a poor clone when I got it. I looks much much better than it did when I got it. And, I also took clones off the top. She's coming up last. But, I think she'll catch up soon.


Unfortuantely, the first four clones I took aren't doing so good. I put them in soil to start out and they just didn't seem to be responding. I accidently knocked them off the shelf and they tipped over pouring the dirt out. At this point, I decided that rather than repotting them in the dirt, I would try a bubble cloner. So, I put them in the cloner and hoped for the best. At first they looked good, but they now look awful. I think the move from dirt to water was a bad move. They are the four in the front row on the right. The threee in the back row on the right are GDP ..... they are doing well. They went straight from plant to bubble cloner. The one on the left in the back row is a Maui Wowie cutting. It seems to be OK.


But, the one that suprises me the most is that little tiny one up front (on the left). It was on the bottom of the stalk of GDP. I accidently knocked it off while I was replanting it. I call it Mini Me Clone. It's actually the only clone that actually has any real roots. I am so suprised it lived at all. It's soooo small ...................


Well that's it for now. I'll take a couple more pics when I water them next week.



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Re: 1st Time Grower .. Box Build .... 1st Clones And New Grow (Maui Wowie, GDP, LA K

Cool ...... hope it's a good ride.

I did a poor job with my first 4 cuttings. Not sure if they'll make it or not. Now that I have a bubble cloner and a batch of rapid rooters I should have a bit better success. And a little experience to boot.


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Re: 1st Time Grower .. Box Build .... 1st Clones And New Grow (Maui Wowie, GDP, LA K

I'm so suprised at the texture. The look and feel like moist chocolate cake. If you put one on a paper plate with a plastic fork next to it, I would probably pop one in my mouth before I realized what it was.

I got a small set that came with two 6 plug trays and a humidity hood with vents. I have positive expectations for the rapid rooters.


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Re: 1st Time Grower .. Box Build .... 1st Clones And New Grow (Maui Wowie, GDP, LA K

LMAO, Dont smoke and do cloning. You may just get the muchies and eat one. I just clipped two clones today and im trying them out now. Hopefully they root. Hows the first set of clones doing?, they recover from that free fall lol


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Re: 1st Time Grower .. Box Build .... 1st Clones And New Grow (Maui Wowie, GDP, LA K

thanks msgreen finger.

Actaully, the first set of clones are looking a little bettter. The bottom most pairs of leaves have turned yellow and are dying. But, I think it's because the plant is using them for energy. The tiny little new growth buds on top are still green and even look like they might be growing a little. Hard to tell. But, it looks like the might just turn around. I'll post some more pics of them tomorrow.


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Re: 1st Time Grower .. Box Build .... 1st Clones And New Grow (Maui Wowie, GDP, LA K

This is day 4 of Veg.

I was planning on feeding and watering my little girls on Wednesday. But, when I checked on them today, they were really dry. I could get my finger down about 4-5 inches into the soil before it felt at all damp. So, I decided today is a good day to water and add nutes. I used a 1/2 ounce of this liquid bird poop/kelp/fish emulsion to a gallon of water. It's high N with a little bit of P and K. Each plant ony took about half a gallon before I got an inch of water into the saucers underneath. The first time I watered them in the new dirt, it took a gallon before there was any run off. They are looking a little yellow. But, I figure some of that is probably still shock from the transplant. Hoping to see them perk up a little in the next day or so.


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Day 5 ..... Little Worried

When I initially took these plants out of my small clone box (uses 2 ft T5's) and repotted them into the 5 gallon pots and put them into the big grow box. I noticed that on the GDP, the lowest pair of fan leaves were slightly yellow. I figures it was because they were over a foot high and the T5's probably didn't send enough light far enough down for the leaves to flourish. So, I never really gave it much thought. I figured it would straighten itself out under the big light

Well, yesterday when I checked on them and noticed they were a bit dry. I noticed that the yellowing is getting worse. It also appeared on the Maui Wowie .... but not as bad. I started to think about it, and I figured it might be from a combination of not enough nutes in the little cups they were in and the lack of enough light in the baby box (T5's). So, I gave them sea bird poop/kelp/fish ferts mixed at 1/2 ounce to a gallon of water. I watered them yesterday and was hoping to see a little improvement with the yellow leaves, but they seem even worse today. I turned off the lights so I could take pictures that show the true color a little better. When I take pics under the big light, it kind of washes some of the color out of the pics.

I could really use some pointers. For now, I'm not going to do anything but watch and wait.

Here's the problem child (GDP) ........


The leaves are much more yellow today and are starting to get brown spots on them.


After looking in on the Maui Wowie (the biggest of the three) I noticed that it has visibly grown overnight. It is now poking up over the screen. It's growing well but is also starting to show signs of yellowing leaves. Not as bad as the GDP. But, I'd really like to figure this out before it gets too bad.



Now for the good news. The LA Kush (although smallest of the three) seems to be doing fine. The leaves look good and it's gaining on the other two really fast.


I have a couple of theories. Hopefully someone smart will come around and let me know if any of them are even close. I don't think it's PH since I'm in soil and the water I'm using is deep well water and has a PH of around 7. So here are some of the thoughts that have run through my mind ..........

1. There's nothing wrong ..... just leave them the hell alone.

2. They were starving for nutes and light in the baby box and this is the result. Since I only watered them the first day and didn't add any nutes, they were probably hungry ...... and it should fix itself ..... just leave them the hell alone.

3. They are just in shock from transplanting and I am over reacting

4. They got nute burn from transplanting to fresh organic soil ...... then, when I water them and gave them nutes, it just added to the nute burn.

Not sure if any of these theories are even close to correct ..... but, I'm up for suggestions and discussion on the topic ..... time to learn I guess.

Now for the clones ...........

These first four clones are doing horrible so far. I tried in dirt at first and then switched off to bubble cloner. I don't think they made the transition very well. Here's what they look like now ............

The lowest ... biggest leaves are dying. The inner new growth is still green and seems to be trying .... but is awful wilted.



Now for the good news. The other clones, which were cut and placed righ into the bubble cloner, look pretty good and seem to be doing well. Still no roots though. Mini Me is still doing well and is looking like it is actually growing a little. We'll have to wait and see.


I really hope my plants are just settling in to thier new home and wil green up in a few days.


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Should I pluck the dead leaves off or let them stay?? Not sure which would be better. Take it off to allow all energy to go for roots. Or leave it there so it can rob it for more energy.


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That was my plan ..... but, had to ask anyway.


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Day 6

Checked in on the little girls earlier today. They looked pretty good. The yellowing of leaves hasn't gotten any worse. The green leaves are still a little pale, but they look good. Little to early to really be able to tell anything. They do seem to be responding really well to the water and the nutes I gave them. I'll stick with this for now and see how they do. I plan to water them Wed or Thur. All depends on how dry the dirt is. When I checked the dirt today it was still nice and damp about 3 inches down. I didn't see any point in taking pictures since there's really nothing new to see.

The clones in the baby box look good today. The four LA Kush that I tried to start in dirt and then changed to a bubble cloner aren't lookin so hot. I'll probably end up loosing those. But, all the others seem to be doing really well. The tiny little roots on Mini Me seem to be about twice the size they were a couple days ago. Keeping my fingers crossed for Mini Me.
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