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I found this totally natural spray for spidermite

Making the Calicleaner

1.) Get a sauce pan - fill with one pint of water - put on lowest flame possible (do not boil !!!).
2.) Chop 4 -5 Habanera (sometimes pronounced Habenero) peppers fine. Chop open seeds and central membranes, as the power lies there.
3.) Simmer chopped peppers for 20 minutes - making sure not to boil (you will destroy the active proteins).
4.) When you put your head over the pan and the wispy-steam stings your eyes, the Calicleaner is ready.
5.) Pour the Calicleaner through a fine mesh strainer - a little fine grit is OK - let cool in a clean bowl.
6.) Pour room temperature contents in a mister spray bottle. Your are ready to apply.

HOW TO APPLY Calicleaner
1.) Put on gloves, and wear a mask, or at least put a bandana around your nose and mouth.
2.) Turn off all fans - you do not want this spray in your eyes!!!
3.) Spray the bottom of EVERY leaf - starting with the bottom leaves first, work up to the top.
4.) After the bottoms are done, hit the tops and the stems.
5.) Squirt liberally in new leaf pods - tightly wound new leaf growth (the small mites hide there).
6.) Get the heck out of the room till it clears.
7.) Repeat procedure with each plant.
8.) Spray the soil, the pots, and the floor or earth around the area to kill dropping mites and stop migration.
9.) Wash hands with soap and water when complete - the stuff will heat-up skin for 4 hours.
10.) DO NOT WORRY. Though the stuff is lethal to mites, the plants love it.


Congratulations! You have successfully killed the mites that you sprayed - on contact!. Plus, the mites are thwarted in biting again as they get a lethal dose of hot mouth. Your plants should be turning green again with in half a day. Though the leaves are scarred, they will recover and work again - producing vital sugars for growth.

However, you are not done. Some mites will escape the spray, though you have killed 95% of them. Thus, you will have to do the spray again tomorrow. As a matter of fact you will have to spray every 2-3 days till you see no more mites - usually up to two weeks. SOME EGGS WILL HATCH!!! Thus a week after the first spray, do a super job again, the baby mites are likely out and about. Kill 'em right away.

Use your magnifying glass to inspect each plant carefully, when nothing moves and you see no more webs, your plants are clear. YEAH!!


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i also use a very similar spray. i rinse after an hr so no burn. but i also put a few cigerette buts in some seasamee seed oil and add soap[borax or dish soap] i repeat spray every 3 days up to 12 days and rinse after every hr. i also keep room very cool and yes fans off while praying. that spray kills everything with legs and or wings.i make a big batch for the outdoor grow and spray at night from a big sprayer and saturate the entire area. i rinse in the morning for the outdoor grow. plants come back really strong. very noticble strong. was thinking of spraying this year just for that boost they get.


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I have SNS 209 and Azamax and Bronner's Magic Soap (must be peppermint). That should prevent them from taking over again. I've also given it 2 weeks to die off. I'll give the box another wipe down with bleach water before I fire it up again at the end of this week. I still have 5 seedlings getting ready for 1 gallon pots. And a buddy is giving me some clones that are in the middle of veg. So, I'll have another batch ready for flower in a few weeks.


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How close is your light to your carbon filter in this picture? I have a very similar setup, and the light is within 2-3 inches from the cool tube and doesn't get hot. I'm assuming you've never had any issues with the light close to the filter.

Thanks for the help!
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