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hey everyone, been lurking for a while decided I should make a journal for my first grow as I know I will run into problems.
Running 4 5-gallon grow sites with a 5 gallon control bucket. I have a float valve set up with an external res but i could not figure out how to stop a moderate drip from the valve so I decided to just switch the ball valve on my res off for now. I figure I can still top off whenever needed by just opening the ball valve and closing when full. Using 1.5" rock wool cubes in hydroton, 6 inch net pot lids. Using half inch tubing to connect everything (mistake, I will run at least an inch next time).
during seedling phase I used a small tupperware container, on top of my hot water heater in the dark until the stems showed above the rock wool (leaves still under) then placed them under a 1000w LED (~560 actual) for one day before moving the cubes into my DWC system.
At first I had feeding tubes under each cube, then one night a couple of my cubes dried out and one of the seedlings fell over, so I just made some drip rings today so I can see what going on. Right now the rings and rock wool are exposed to light until these babies stretch enough to add a thin layer of hydroton and my net pot covers.
That one that fell over seems to be a day or two behind the rest now but I figure she will catch up. I have since added 4x 54w e27 bulbs for side lighting on each.. not sure of the actual power draw but i figure at least 30w each.
Using fox farm 3 part, cal-mag plus, and chaching. 4x4 eBay tent, 450cfm inline fan and filter running at about half speed for now. A couple of 6 inch fans to move the air around. Humidifier running into one of the tent inlets.
Running a tetra 60 and 2x 5.5w eco air pumps gang valved together powering 4 inch airstones in each bucket. Also have a tetra 30 or something air rating the control bucket.
Started out on the GLR light cycle for the first week but decided today to just run 18/6 this run and maybe mess with GLR another time.
Circulating everything through a 1/10 HP water chiller set at 65 (usually ranges between 65 and 70 due to ventilation).

Strain: Barneys Farm Feminized Critical Kush
Space: 4x4x7 tent
Plants: 4
Lights: 560w LED + 4x 30w LED
Hydro/Soil: Top Fed RDWC Hydro
Water: 0ppm Self-made RO water, around 6.5ph
Nutes: Foxfarms

These pictures are a few days old, I'll take new ones tomorrow.


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02/09/14 @ 10am
PPM: 220
PH: 5.4

02/09/14 @ 930pm
PPM: 226
PH: 5.2

02/10/14 @ 930am
PPM: 231
PH: 5.3
Action: Added 3 drops PH up

02/10/14 @ 1230pm
PPM: 224
PH: 5.4

02/10/14 @ 210pm
PPM: 209
PH: 5.4
Action: Added 6 drops PH up

02/10/14 @ 510pm
PPM: 226
PH: 5.5

02/10/14 @ 1030pm
PPM: 251
PH: 5.4
Action: Added 1gal 0ppm 7ph ro water

02/11/14 @ 930am
PPM: 238
PH: 5.3
Action: Added 6 drops PH up

First seedling pic is the one that laid down for a night, 2nd one is of the other seedling which had its cube dry on me. Both are looking healthy tho slightly behind their 2 sisters.


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