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1st time outdoor - need some help!


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I've been planning on growing my own bud for a little while now, and since winter is about to be over, I'm thinking it's about time to really start my preparation. I'm going to attempt a few basic mid-grade plants, because I don't want to splurge on amazing seeds that I have no clue what to do with :p This will be my first time growing anything besides cooking herbs, so I naturally have a few questions:

1 - I live in Northwestern TN, close to the Kentucky border. What would be the ideal time to begin the actual planting?

2 - The soil out here is not your general brown stuff. There's a moderately heavy red clay element prevalent within it. What should I do to the soil to prepare it for sowing?

3 - About how long will it take for your basic mid-grade plant to get big and veg. out, flower and then be ready for harvest?

4 - What's the average yield on your basic mid-grade plant?

5 - Any tricks to increase the potency of the mid. plant?

I appreciate the help. Happy toking :)


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No such thing as a mid grade plant. It was mid grade smoke because it wasn't harvested, dried or cured correctly. Ammend heavy clays with sand or coco coir. I use coco coir myself. It's light and a little bit goes a long way. Plant after the last frost or around mid april. Depending on strain you will harvest around end sept or mid oct with most strains. Yield is impossible to determine. The big question you should ask is...will i get a harvest at all. more than half new growers don't. The best trick to increase potency is to harvest, dry and cure and store your bud right and read everything you can find about growing.


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Well put Racefan :)

You may wanna dig a hole and see where th clay layer actually starts too. They say that having clay layer about 8" down is a good thing. It will determine the amount of water that will flow out, and what will stay close to the plant, giving you an idea of how close the plants can be planted.


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I appreciate the help ya'll. If anyone else wants to throw some shit out there for my info-greedy eyes, that's cool too. Peace!
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