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1st timer, got everything to start, need some advice


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Hey guys!
Seriously this forum is very cool, learned so much stuff!
So about 3 weeks passed, and I have to say that this first time was "ok" :) . I was expecting a slightly better , but I did learn a lot.
Managed to get 3 plants going, was expecting 4 but this guy is showing bad signs. It's the only one that got those small "real" leafs and then stop growing. She is been like that for almost 6 days and today the small leafs show that the plant is not happy.
All the other ones showed daily growth, this one is weird.
Any recommendation to spark it up is welcome! :) You think it's going to die?

Also, not sure to found the answer about this one: Can seedling , 2-3 weeks old plants can suffer from too much light (intensity) ? I know that I need to be very careful about lamp heat on very young plant, but I just went full power on my lamp and my plants are now about 48 inches from it. It feels just warm not even hot, at plant level. Lamp specs specify 36 inch in veg state and 24 in flower. Wondering a bit when I should put them at 36 inch..

Thanks a lot and have a good one!


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