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1st timer, problems with light

Mister X

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Hello everybody,I am new here,but I need some help. I have read a couple of books about growing,i tried three times outdoors with very good results. now I want to try indoor. my tent is 1,2x1,2x2m,one 600watt mh bulb,and one 600 watt Gib lighting flower spectre xtreme-200000 lumens. and I have all the other parts-filter,balast,reflector-ajust a wing and etc. my question is-when the seeds sprout out from the pots,I know that I have to put them under the MH light,but what must be the distance between the light and my very little plants,and when I have to move down the light,and in flower stage what is the normal distance between HPS light and my plants. I saw some graphics of MH and HPS lights for this distance,but I want help from someone with experience. THANKS A LOT.:cheer:


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Hi Mister, im also new to growing but have raised seedlings successfully. i started mine under 125w CFl because obviously they give of less heat and you can get em nice and close. From what I've read as long as you can hold you hand in the same place as the plant for 30 sec without burning yourself then its good. mine are now under 600w HPS and that thing is very hot. i would suggest do the hand test as i said above and then just keep an eye for signs of heat stress and if you see any adjust accordingly.
Somebody with more experience in your particular lamp type will probably be along shortly though with more info.

Happy Growing. Peace
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