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1stTimer Backyard Grow. Many questions!


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Well, I got my seeds today (Dr.Atomic Shiva which is Shiva X NL + SuperCrystals). Planning on potting 4 of the 10 in my backyard. Here's how I see it going, I'll be potting them seperate and scattering them throughout the garden. Everything in the garden is thriving and no pests are apparent on any other plant and the weather is great so I THINK everyone should go well.

I'm about to head out to Home Depot to get some "germinating domes" and some sponges so I can start germinating.
What I need to know is what I'll need for my whole project. I'm looking to go somewhat organic as far as potting mix goes but since I'm planting sort of late in the season I might wanna get some sort of "boosters". I have really no clue on what to get and I need HELP!.

-What should I get for potting mix?
-How long does germinating take and is the sponges/domes a good way?
-Watering once a week, is that suitable?

Thats pretty much all I need to know as of now. I'll be updating atleast once a week with pics and stuff. I hope it goes well :allgood:

Went to Home Depot and also found some stuff in the Garage. Is the potting mix i chose suitable? Its Miracle Grow Potting Mix with Enriched plant food. Also food some bone meal and some orther miracle grow products (sprays and such <--- not good right?)
Its been nice and humid so I think everything will go well.



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good luck on your grow!

i would focus on getting your seedlings started up, sounds like a good plan to me..
you wont need nutes untill they grow a bit. might want to try one of these or browse the sites to see what looks good =)
Explode Your Plants, Buds & Flowers with Fertilizer by FoxFarm - the Best Name in Organic Plant Supplements!

i think outdoor grows also use foxfarm soil preferrably but whatever you have will probally be ok hehe.

there are more links in the sponsors thread.
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eeps sounds like scary stuff O.O
i guess if they dont fry to death in the first couple weeks you'll be ok, just dont use any more nutes theres too much in that soil already :laugh2:

best to stick with natural organics imo, youll have weed with less contaminants.
its not expensive to buy small amounts which is plenty for lot of plants.


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thats cool, start some babies in there!
after a couple weeks theyll be ready for action..

i tend to like this way..

cut open with scissors when ready and plug into home.

theres lots of ways for starting em. im sure you'll try many and find what you like best too =)


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Yea thats how i figure I'll do them. Saw some1 else doing that way in another thread. I think I'll start the seedlings in the 0.0 0.1 0.0 and once it gets that size i'll switch it into a bigger pot with 3/4 organic and 1/4 miracle grow food plant? Would that work?


Stuff I picked up and some stuff I found in the garage.

Germinating dish (Cd holder)

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wherever its a bit warm is fine =)

i like to leave mine under lights for the warmth and so they start getting light asap upon breaking the soil.

if youve got plant food in the soil chances are you shouldnt use the shake and feed! and whatever else that is!
you really want to avoid over fertilzing..

maybe after a LOT of growing they could use a little i dunno.

im not anything close to experienced in the use of MG products lol, you need a mg grower on this one i think. =)

ps i like that germinater i might try that someday =)


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make sure you get a fan not pointed directly on them(right now at least), but around them just enough to make them move, it'll help strengthen the stems.
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