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2.25 ft x 2.25 ft box

Welcome Sarge, I'm sure almost anything is possible but the smallest plant I've ever grown which I trained and vegetated for minimum amount of time to stay low was about 2.5' tall x 30" wide not including the pot at harvest time so I don't know where you'd be able to fit the lights, fans, exhaust, etc in such a small environment. Maybe talk to Light Addict about fluxing to see how small he's been able to keep em, that would seem like the most viable option to me.
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Thanks for the info budnoob2 had a feeling it was to small. I was looking at tents last night they seem more practical might just build the box for seedlings and veg. I was also looking at Led grow lights could any one recommend a good company in the uk. Seen a lot of websites but most had bad reviews. Don't want to buy a cheap copy any info would help a lot thanks
Yeah, LED is all the rage right now it seems. I'd recommend going to the 420 sponsors page Sponsors : 420 MAGAZINE ® and then looking at a few in your price range and then finding a journal or two (search the grow journals section for the brand of light) for each to see how they perform.
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remember u can train cannabis to grow to your specs . but size effects yield sooo bigger plant bigger yield .. remember she will double or tipple in size during flower ..
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Thanks for the words of wisdom guys sorry it took so long to reply been busy with work.
Budnoob2 i will look on the site and see whats about
devils letuce good advice was thinking of lst some skunk 1 seeds in my box but it will be crowded
might use it for clones will post some pics when i get a chance to Finnish building it.
thanks again for the help guys