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2 400 watt hps ballast is that enough


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I have done 3 indoor grows now and I am prepering to grow 15 plants and want to know if I have enough to do it with. As I have done my first 3 grows and trying to read everything I can absord about growing medical marijuana. Also in my previous grows Besides the lights I have aquired blue planet nutrients, a 220 cfm inline blower, controller for the blower, cool mist humidifier, oscilating fan, oxyclone clone machine and more if i need it. I have many chronic health problems and medical mj helps a lot.

The grow room is rather small but it is 40" long by 23" wide and 89" high. I have a 400 watt mh grow light. I think I shoukld be ok in that room. But in the bloom room is 87" long 26" wide and 96" high. In there I have 2 400 watt ballast does mh and hps lights. Do I have enough light and anything else I would need.
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