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2 4oow hps on 1 circute

Lurch Farmer

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HELLO, I an setting up a 5x5x7.5 flower and for ease of work 2 - iPower Grow Light - Dimmable , HPS Digital Grow Light System 400W with 19" Wing Reflector and Yoyo. .My questions are, 1. can both of these be run on one 20 outlet to 20 breaker (normal plug in US house hold, or, splice(solder wires and heat shrink,splice repare) useing the female 220 to double (60a) breaker.
I am very competent diy and tend to over build for safty after some minor mishaps (air cleaner circulating air bass acwerds ) Question 2. can a 1000w ballist be split to run 2 -400w bulbs .
ANY and all help is greatly appreciated.:peace::thanks:

Lurch Farmer

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Must stop burnin,..............................forgot to mention room is 4 feet away from power box , which has 2 usable spots and the old dryer(or 2 more free spces).
I have 12-2 wire, gfcb outlet, 20amp grounded outlets and plastic housing. IMO each light gets a dedicated circuit and 2 -2 plug outlets for water and air pumps (1 6 plug power strip if necessary) on a dedicated circuit.
To much ? not enough?
through a mistake of seed bank (that has now been corrected) I received my order 5 times :party::party:all femend?? 13 differnt flavores ( not including freebe) So long story short I would like to sog 3-4 under 2 400w hps ,RDWC, .
Side note 1 plant 1 light???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


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The start up amps will probably throw breaker, but if you could put them on separate timers to start just a minute or two apart they will both definitely run on same circuit. I had two 400 watts hids on same circuit and it threw my breaker, so I put them on differnt timers like described above and it works fine.
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