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2.5x2.5x5 tent ventilation questions


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Ello all
Just a n00b trying to make as few n00b mistakes on my first grow. A little about my setup:
2.5' X 2.5' X 5' lighthouse tent
600w viparspectra led full spectrum (I love the veg n bloom buttons.....I like buttons)
Phat fan 6" (390 cfm)w/ goblin carbon filter and controller
Growing coco with a little perlite (maybe irrelevant in this thread)
Anywhosit, I have a few questions regarding ventilation and things of the sort.

1) I don't have access to a window to exhaust out of and cutting a hole in the wall and/or ceiling is not an option. Could I just exhaust out of the closet(assuming the scrubber is doing its job) and passively intake from the closet environment?
Temps never really get above 75 in there.

2) If not, would there be a way to do this without 19feet of ducting from my area to a window that doesn't involve cutting?

The closet where the tent lives is roughly 3 times the volume of said tent if that matters.

Thanks in advance for the knowledge!!!



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I can't help you as I don't have a tent, but be patient... people have lots to do & can't always get to our questions right away, or they don't know the answer. Best thing to do is look for a similar grow set up & read what has worked and failed for them. And Google is like the biggest encyclopedia ever! Good luck, fellow newbie!


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Sweeet. So no drilling , cutting, or awkward ducting across my apartment?
Including a rough sketch because I'm not at home atm. But this is pretty much what I'm looking at doing. Excuse the serial killer handwriting


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Pulling the warmer air from the top....duh lol. This is why I love this magical place. Soooo
Scrubber at the top, fan outside of tent and passive pulling air from outside of closet. Correct?


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ECrowley33, I am also a newbie and I wanted to catch you before you made a mistake.

I grow in a small tent in a spare bedroom in my house. If if I understand what you're saying you're wanting to vent out of your tent which is correct and is how you control the odor using a charcoal filter but you don't need to vent out of the room if your temperatures are okay.


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Nope there's another unit above me lol. Even as I type this I hear my upstairs neighbor yelling at her lil degenerates.
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