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$2.7 Million in Marijuana Found in Davie Co. Woods

Jim Finnel

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Thousands of marijuana plants worth millions of dollars were found deep in the woods of southern Davie County, deputies said Wednesday.

Deputies and SBI agents removed 1,680 plants growing in four tracks along a creek bank off Point Road. The street value of the pot is estimated at $2.7 million.

Law enforcement officials also found one pound of unplanted seeds at the site, deputies said.

Deputies said the property owners were not aware of a marijuana operation on their property. No arrests have been made.

Law enforcement officials also seized water devices and other items used to plant and maintain the crop, deputies said.

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This appears to be in North Carolina.


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That would be something to see. I would love to be able to grow outside and lay among the flowers and just inhale their fragrance. I don't smoke it but I love the smell of it growing & the labor it takes to grow it is soothing to the soul.
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