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2 Accused Of Producing Marijuana

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DILLON - Two people who investigators said had a large marijuana-growing operation at their house north of Dillon have been charged with several drug-related felonies. Scott H. Day, 34, and Summer D. Sutton-Day, 29, were charged Tuesday with production and intent to distribute dangerous drugs and operation of a clandestine laboratory for the 96-plant operation, which was raided on Feb. 1. Day and Sutton-Day said the marijuana was for medical use, but neither was registered under the state's medical marijuana law, which allows people to possess six plants and one ounce of harvested product.

Day, who suffers from a terminal degenerative disease, said Thursday that he and Sutton-Day have since obtained medical marijuana cards but are afraid to cultivate it now. "It would have to be outdoors because my lights were taken," Day said. He said he is concerned someone would steal the plants.

Officials said the bust dismantled a major growing operation that was meant to put marijuana on the streets. They estimated the street value of the plants seized as high as $150,000. Day said he had so many plants because he was trying to find the right strain of marijuana to treat different symptoms. "If somebody was manufacturing something to sell, they would have a couple of high-yielding varieties and that would be it, but that's nothing like what I had," he said.

Day has a form of mucopolysaccharidosis, a rare disease in which the body is unable to produce certain enzymes. Day said his symptoms include severe arthritis, joint pain, muscle spasm and chronic pain. Marijuana provides relief from his constant pain, Day said.

Sutton-Day said she suffers from chronic pain in her neck and back related to a car accident a decade ago. The marijuana helps her muscles relax, as well as alleviating insomnia, migraines and anxiety, she said.

Patients and Families United, a medical marijuana advocacy group based in Helena, has criticized the raid on the home and has offered to help the couple's legal defense.

Source: The Billings Gazette
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