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2 Female Lowryders (Unknown Crossing) Flowering


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I started growing this plant since the beginning of late january 2011 i fucked up the time light cycle cause i already had a plant growing and that plant was just a test plant, to see how much my light bill will come up to after months of test i chopped that plant down and decided to try and grow these plants im about to show you below

i lost about a month and half of growth because i gave this plant random time light some times no light at all

but about 4weeks ago i started giving the plant a strict

12 hour light /12 hour dark

surprisingly some how it started budding 1week and 1day ago


Strain type : Possibly AK47 or kush : got it from a dime bag dont remember out of the two it is

Day of flowering plant 1 : 8 days of flowering , pistols every were

Days of flowering plant 2: second day of flowering sings of pistols (PICS OF PLANT 2 not posted yet)

How many plants ? : 2 Female plants

Auto flower ? :might be

Grow box i made out of boxes :the box inside is brighter then image shows

Top of plant

Numbers represent each level below the top of plant



Top of plant close up

Budding close up

Angle 1

Angle 2
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update plants are great my other female ,over night got lots of pistols every were

plant 1 is doing great the pistols are getting very long on every node

Guys i wanted to knw is PH and nutrients important ? ive been growing with out testing ph or none of that stuff and both plants are doing super fine no leafs died out


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Great setup.. looking very good!
pH is important if your feeding plants.. not adjusting pH will burn the nutrients.


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update on plants

it seems to me the plant is a lowryder for sure and know its a kush type strain but not sure =/

the bag seed i got it from i dont remember what type of kush was it

plant 1: is on 2nd week of flowering

plant 2 : is on the 1 week and 3 days of flowering

Pictures of Plant #1

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Not too bad man but instead of jumping on here asking questions every few days just about the best thing you can do as a grower is READ...READ....READ and when you think you got enough READ another bunch more, knowledge is wealth and you can never have enough...do your studies :thumb:


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can any one point me out to lst seeds cant seem to find them from this video here looking to growing this next

LST is a plant training technique. It's a means to limit plant height and promote extra bud shoot locations. Check this out
hmm i see thanks for reply now i knw =]

any ways plants are doing fine i have no ph meter but seems to be doing fine still no problems on the leafs all green still

and i just ordered

1x fem Dinafem Seeds Powerkush

seems like a good plant for my second grow read alot of reviews and grow journals sadly could not find any grow journals here =[

and getting these two free
Dinafem Seeds Blue Widow

Dinafem Seeds Critical +

Seeds can be found on attitude site under dinafem seems like a good deal got two free seeds first time ever ordering from them =]
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