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2 fer 1


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Hi all,

I recently planted and by accident seeded 2 seeds in the same bucket. They are in 5 gal pails. Because they were seeded in the same hole I imagine the roots are going to be intertwined. They are growing well so far only three weeks in, both the same size, growing at the same rate. Should I expect a problem in the future like survival of the fittest where one will kill off the other? Thanks for your help.


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There are incidents of twins actually.

At any rate...with a 5 gallon container you may be alright if you don't let them get too big before you flip to flowering stage. Worst case...instead of trying to separate them and causing trauma, just chop the weaker one off at the dirt level.


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After re-reading this thread, akorn might have the better option. . . you said you planted them over each other. . . not even spaced a bit huh? I might chop the weakest. . .

Bagz :peace:

Twins huh. . . thats certainly differnt. . .but not unimaginable though. . .
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