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2 Free, Mildly Amusing Stoner Games.


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They work best with at least 3 or more people.
Game #1:
The group starts by 1 person saying 1, the next person saying 2 the next 3, and so on. It keeps going around.
EXCEPT no one can mention the number 7 or any multiples of 7. For instance 1,2,3,4,5,6,8,9,10,11,12,13,15,16,18 etc.
It's harder than you think. You probably won't get past the 30's.

Game # 2:
Have everyone get into the middle of the room in a group. Each person links hands with 2 other people in a random fashion. Maintain a firm grip.
When everyone's linked, try to untangle youselves to form a perfect circle.


I'm not into getting stoned and then trying to figure out multiples of 7.


I left multiples back in highschool.... Still usin' them fractions, though :3:


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Number one sounds like a bit of a buzzkill... i mean... doing MATH while high? Doesn't sound great to me. But number 2 sounds hilarious.

It's kinda similar to a game i played (it's better with at least 5 people) where some people are given the biggest balls of wool that can be easily bought, they tie it to their waist and throw it to any random person in the circle, who wraps it round themself and passes etc etc etc. The fun really starts when you try to get out.


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BlwnDroOn24s said:
i play the first one as a drinking game

Yup, same here. After a while we used 8 or 6 cuz people would remember the 7s.. Was pretty funny, the more you play and screw up the more you drink.. So the more you screw up... And then you drink some more. Good times, hehe

The 2nd game sounds pretty cool, I'll have to check it out
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