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IN JUST under two weeks, the narcotics police have seized two shipments of
compressed ganja bound for overseas.

Reports are that about 9.15 a.m. last Thursday Security Administrators,
Ltd., and the narcotics police, operating at Kingston Wharves, Port
Bustamante, while searching a 40-foot container, detected a false
compartment in the roof and found in it 90 packages of ganja weighing a
total of 527 pounds. No one was arrested.

Two weeks ago, a 40-foot container was searched at the container station at
Port Bustamante and compressed ganja was found among 1,000 cases of syrup
bound for the Netherlands. The police said there was no arrest.

The drug was detected after members of the Contraband Enforcement Team who
were examining export document, saw the name of an exporter who was on the
Customs Department's watch list.

This prompted them to conduct a thorough search during which the ganja was
found concealed in tins and boxes.


paul chang
st ann, jamaica
Jamaica Daily Gleaner, Monday July 29, 2002
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