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#2 Growing White Skunk Hydroponically


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Strain Name: White Skunk
Genetics: White Widow x Super Skunk
Grade: A
Type: Indica dominant hybrid
Looks: Pale green with lots of orange hairs and heavy crystallization. Moderate density.
Smell: Fruit sweet, with just a slight whiff of sour or ammonia.
Taste: Sweet taste on the exhale, but not overly smooth. Much less fruitiness than the smell.
Effects: A powerful and fast-acting buzz that starts in the head and works down though the body. Seemed to initially bring on some mental confusion and wildly random thoughts, but within just a few minutes developed into a relaxing body buzz that made getting anything done almost impossible. A good, potent medicine, but I’m not sure it’s a clear improvement on either of it’s parent strains (I don’t know if there are any improved growing factors).
Potency: High

i have a 1.80 m height, 1,30 m width and 70 cm depth grow cabinet. i use 250 w philips hps/mh bulbs..i gonna try SCROG
i used 2 water buckets for growing..

Greetings again! Welcome to my second hydro grow
i m gonna grow white skunk again
cuz i and my friends really like that shit

Here the sprouting pic of it

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