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2 lights with round lighting pattern in a square tent: placement?


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Just wondering if these lights would be better in the center of the tent or one in each corner?


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Totally depends on the coverage of the light, or the covered area

Also depends on where the plants are

I'd say over the plants is best
it's a 5x5 and it's pretty much full. my friend said 2 circles fit without as much overlap in a square better in the corners lol. smart ass got me wondering.

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my 0.02 i vote opposite corners giving a bit more space between them still overlapping in the center.


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Depend on the light coverage, the coverage is depend on its ppfd that reaches at the edges, plants needs at least 200umol/s/m2 to grow and 500 to flower. So if the light can do perfectly for that area, putting in the middle or corner makes no difference; But if the light cannot ,you might think about add more lights and put the lights evenly in the tent to help the plants get evenly lights. :circle-of-love:
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