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2 month old Jack (ghs)


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I posted these in my journal (finally!) but I wanted to share with anyone not checking it out.

Tell me what you think of my girl. She is in a 3W X 3L tent.

LST, Minor HST, minor defoliation, Lots of FIMMING (the chewed up leaves are a result of this along with some rough LST, ignore.)

She is exactly 2 months old today and has been on a 12/12 schedule for a week. She smelled different today so I'm thinking she might have some buds for me soon and will be officially 'flowering.'

She has a few leaves with the very very tip burned, this was intentional. I like to max my girls out.

And all the paler green is not a deficiency, it's new growth. She's in the 'stretch' but instead of getting taller she's bushing out even more. That's my girl! As soon as she's done I'm going to do another round of minor defoliation and LOTS of leaf tucking. I fimmed the crap outa her so she's going to have MANY tops.

Your critiques are welcome. This is my best lady yet. :love:





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Very sick bro I can appreciate your jack I got two in a 4x4 now. Wondering if there is to much defoliation or defoliation to early with this plant. Jealous of the width
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