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2 plants in 1 pot is it acceptable?


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I just picked up a rectangle pot for a small grow case. I'm wondering if it is ok to put 2 plants in one container. because space is very limited I'm thinking 2 LST sideways grows.

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Yes thats perfectly fine. Just be sure that the pot is large enough to accomodate dual root systems. If one is harvested b4 the other be sure to leave a portion of stem/leaves on the harvested plant so its roots dont decay and start rotting the roots of the sister plant. For future reference questions like these can be better fielded for answers in the indoor soil cultivation forum under 'Growers forums' section of this site. Kudos to you for being on point and thinking ahead of preventing crowding/shading by LSTing. I've been doing this for a few years. The technique works great. Good luck to u bro :peace:


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