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So ive got a whole free day to blaze (its rare for me) and i was thinking of maybe making up a batch of firecrackers.
Do they stink out the house?
How long does the high last?

P.S i know this should be in the "cannabis kitchen" section but it's hard to get an answer there. If any mods have a problem with this being in the general section, feel free to move it.


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Put the kitchen fan on, open a window, shouldn't stink up the house. Worse comes to worse, bake something else (apart yourself, hehe).. You'll be getting the munchies, so just plan on cooking some food and the smell will definitly fade out.

Edibles tend to last longer then smoking, probably any where between 4 and 8 hours.

Let us know how it turns out! Have fun
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You are welcome.
Yes, I'm anxious to know how it turned out! Never had firecrackers before. Cooked with mj multiple time tho.
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