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2 seeds same pot


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Hello all,

To start off i must have been really

Today i went into my veg room and noticed i planted 2 seeds in the same cup..

They both have sprouted and are looking very healthy
How ever i really do not want them in the same pot

How can i transplant them into their own pots with out shocking them?

Thanks to all


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thanks for the quick reply
I will take them apart very carefully

Hopefully i will not lose them very good beans


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It's no big deal to seperate the seedlings. I just get a kitchen knife and cut right down the middle of the medium seperating the two. Never have I lost a seedling and as long as the majority of the root system stays with the plant it belongs to all is great! Cannabis is a really hardy plant and it wants to grow. It is a weed after all. lol Growers who keep mothers, trim root balls all the time without adverse affects.
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I use a dibble stick to separate my seedlings, rather than cutting down the middle. The dibbler sort of teases the roots apart, minimising damage to the roots. As Racefan said, cannabis is a hardy plant, and will tolerate transplanting quite well.
You may want to Google up "dibble sticks" to see what I mean. I have been growing and separating seedlings for decades using a dibble stick.

ps This is a dibbler
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well heres the thing i had two plants there was one i didnt even know about soo i thought i had one plant

once the plant i didnt even know about sprouted i saw it was on the side soo i did a tranfer and its still growing sooo who knows if its your only 2 plants then i wouldnt risk it


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I've transplanted plants 4 to 5 times in a cycle and never had a problem. They seem to show less shock the younger they are. I once put 3 plants in an 18Gal. tub and grew them over 6' with no real issue. I did have to tie the side plants over to the sides. That make any sence???LOL. Oh, I also pinched my tops so the plants where REAL BUSHY.
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