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2 White Rhino and 2 Snow White


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OK, I'm ready to finish this grow on this forum. I know I should have done a grow journal, but I didn't. Next time...
So, I want to know about labeling cuts and especially jars.
I am going to harvest all four of my plants when the first one is totally done. I think I will go through the whole harvest process, but I want to document what plant was at what stage at the time.
I intend to cure all buds...whatever stage they are at.
At least some will be "done" but we all know that there will be some that are still in the infancy stage, bud-wise. I want to categorize each kind of bud at its own developmental stage for research and reference purposes.
I know some use those bud-lets for hash, etc., but I intend to treat each bud as its own bowl experience...and I want to label each kind of bud in its own jar for curing. Any suggestions???
What do you think?


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I would harvest as they are ready to insure all mature buds. Really no reason to harvest early in my opinion. You can still document lower flower effects vs top cola flowers to see the difference. Or let one plant go longer with a lot of amber trichs showing, etc...

Good luck and happy growing!
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