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2 x Afghans - 40 Days Into Flowering - 80 Days All Together


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Hi guys!

I wanted to make a post and show my girls. Any tips and advice will be taken and will be thankful. :thanks:

What I have here is basically 2 x Afghan strains under the 250W HPS lamp.
40 days of vegetation and 55 days of flowering.
At the moment it's 40 days flowering.

For vegetation I used 250W MH lamp and after vegetation I changed it to 250W HPS. In the first 33 days of vegetation I used only 90W UFO Led after that I bought MH and HPS.
90W UFO Led light did good. My flowers grew about 35 - 40 cm tall in 33 days.

Soil = Bio All Mix
Nutritions = Bio Bloom (flowering)
Tent = DR60
Ventilation = Big fan with modification to blow all the air into the tent.
Water = Every 3rd day on each flower 1,5l of water. They are in 17l fabric"bucket"

Problems with this setup
With this setup the biggest problem is the heat. 250W HPS gives a lot of heat and that's the reason I cannot close the DR60. Soon will be getting 250W Budmaster LED.

Second grow.
I put second grow coming when this girls went into flowering stage. Also two Afghans and they are 36 days of vegetation. They are all now at the same DR60 so can get most of the light during the day, but will be moved to spacebucket.
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