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20% Discount for Bitcoin or Litecoin and 15% discount for cash


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Dear all

Just wanted to let you know that we offer a 20% discount on all orders, all of the time, if you pay by Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash or Litecoin.

All of these Crypto-Currencies can now be easily purchased through the coinbase ap on your phone so its very easy to make great savings and protect your anonymity at the same time.

We are constantly having problems with banks and card processors even though we are operating legally. Using Bitcoin or the other cryptocurrencies saves us stress, hassle and fees so in return we want to offer our customers a brilliant discount of 20% to make it worth their while.

No code is required to claim this discount, just checkout at www.dope-seeds.com and choose the 'pay by Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash or Litecoin option and you will get the 20% discount.

So as to not exclude our non crypto-adopting customers we are also offering a fantastic 15% off all orders paid by cash in the mail.

As well as these discounts all of our customers will get free feminised seeds with every order placed and we allow you to choose which seeds you want from our current stable of freebies which include Indica female seeds, sativa female seeds and autoflowering female seeds

If you have any questions just let us know

many thanks
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