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I made another post listing 20 strains that I'm getting 2 seeds of each for free from emery seeds, just by mailing a copy of my medical marijuana license cards in. So here's what I could find on each of the strains offered from Emery seeds. .

Afghan (Nirvana) - indica. Strong odor with large fat leaves and big round buds. Pure indica.
Flowering time 8 weeks Harvest outdoor Mid to end of Sept

AK-47 x GWS (Willy Jack) — N/A

Atomic Haze (Dr. Atomic) - mostly sativa. Brilliant resin highlights on this 3 Haze hybrid. Crossed with Atomic NL it is a stabilized, higher yielding and more potent Haze than ever offered before. The high is pure Sativa.
Flowering time 60 to 70 days

Blueberry (Dutch Passion) - mostly indica. Our Original Blueberry is a mostly Indica (80% Indica, 20% Sativa) strain, that dates to the late 1970's. A large producer under optimum conditions. A dense and stout plant with red, purple and finally blue hues, that usually cure to a lavender blue. The finished product has a very fruity aroma and taste of blueberry. It produces a notable and pleasantly euphoric high of the highest quality and is very long lasting. Medium to large calyxes. "Blueberry" has a long shelf life. THC = 19.5%
Flowering time 8 - 10 Harvest outdoor 2nd - 3rd week of Oct

Buddah (Dutch Passion) - N/A

Burmese x Fuckin' Incredible (VISC) - indica/sativa. Extremely flavorful and a delight to grow, this hybrid is an even better smell and smoke.
She placed 5th at the 2nd Cannabis Culture Cup and was the winner of Tokers' Bowl 2000. Height 1.4 meters. Flowering time 7 to 8 weeks. Yield 2 to 4 oz in a 2 gallon pot

Durban Poison (Nirvana) - Sativa. Imported from South Africa, produced in Holland. Exclusively inbred, never hybridized, Large long bud-leaves, buds are also large and long with lots of resin. A sweet licorice or anise flavour. "Up" high similar to Thai. High yields. Well suited for outcrossing with late bloomers to produce earlier flowering. Also does very well under artificial light. Flowering time 8-9 weeks Harvest outdoor end of Sept

Flo (Dutch Passion) - mostly sativa. Sativa/Indica cross (60/40) Very Sativa phenotypic characteristics. Matures very early. Large, tight, spear-shaped buds, made up of small, densely packed purple calyxes. Taller and like to branch out. Indoors, buds are fully mature by the end of their sixth week. Outdoors, super producer when multi-harvested over a period of time. First buds are ripe about third week of September. About every ten days, new buds form - harvested through the end of November, conditions permitting. Ideal for greenhouse production. Motivational high - quite unique. Flavour is like Nepalese Temple Hash. Pleasant and enjoyable experience.
Height 100 cm Flowering time 55-60 days

Green Spirit (Jordan) - Indica/Sativa. Green Spirit is a hybrid of Big Bud and Skunk #1. We made this hybrid because Big Bud itself is not a very consistent strain, with very big differences among individual plants. By crossing Big Bud and Skunk #1, Green Spirit became quite homogeneous. Good results under artificial lights. Clear and strong high. The plants have an explosive flowering and are extremely resinous. Very high yield. Flowering time 8-9 weeks Harvest outdoor 1st week of Nov.

God Bud (Jordan) - mostly indica. A smaller plant, darker in color, with some of the most powerful aroma and flavor you'll find.
This one is everyone's favorite

Jack (BCSC) - mostly sativa. Jack is our version of the three way hybrid between Northern Lights #5, Skunk #1 and pure Haze that won the 1995 Cannabis cup. Renowned for it's uplifting high and good yield, Jack is an excellent strain for Sativa/Haze lovers who want a bit quicker finish than Blaze, Electric Haze or Maui Mist. Very solid bud structure for a sativa combined with that typical "sweet and sour" Haze aroma. F-1 hybrid x IBL. Height 4 to 6 feet. Flowering time 55 to 65 days. Yield up to 125 grams.

Mango (KC Brains) - indica. Winner Best Indica 2002 Cannabis Cup.
The parents are a K.C. SPECIAL SELECT with a K.C. 33 and an Afghani-like plant. This plant has extremely big buds, a great production and an early harvest.
Height 90 cm to 230 cm. Flowering time 6 to 9 weeks. Yield 150 gr. to 800 gr. Harvest outdoor End of Sept to mid Oct.

Masterkush (Dutch Passion) - Indica. An F1 cross between two different Hindu-kush strains. Yield is high. Excellent taste and strong high. One of our favourites. Flowering time 8-9 weeks Harvest outdoor last week of Oct.

NYC Diesel (Soma Seeds) - mostly sativa. A Mexican sativa crossed with an Afghani, it won 3rd place at the 2001 High Times Cannabis Cup,and 2nd place at the 2002 for best sativa category.
An exotic smell, taste and high.
Flowering time 10 weeks Yield 350 to 450 grm/sq meter

Power Plant (Nirvana) - indica/sativa. This is a very strong variety with loads of crystal and a very good yield. Very much wanted by growers of the white kinds of grass.
Flowering time 8 to 9

Purple Lightning (BCSC) - indica. Purple Lightning is an F-1 hybrid that we first created back in 1995 by crossing our Northern Lights #5 male with a female Purple Indica that had been cultivated in B.C for many years prior to that. Very similar to our N.L.#5 in structure but a bit quicker to finish and much stronger smelling. If you don't mind stronger smelling plants in your growroom and want short, high yielding plants that develop beautiful purple accents, then this one's a good choice. F-1 hybrid. Height 2-3 feet Flowering time 50 days. Yield up to 125 grams

Skunk#1 (Dutch Passion) - Mostly sativa. Winner of several harvest festivals, and "High Times" Cannabis Cup. Skunk #1 (75% Sativa, 25% Indica) was originally a cross between 25% Afghani, 25% Mexican Acapulco Gold and 50% Columbian Gold. Inbred since 1978, now a stabilized homogeneous strain. Blooms with long, thick buds, varying in colour from light green to golden. Very high flower to leaf ratio. Mold susceptible the last 6 weeks of flowering. Soft and sweet aroma and a very strong "up" high. Tested over 10% THC. Excellent variety for indoor growing or greenhouse with darkening system. Very high yields. Easy to manicure. This variety serves as a standard against which others can be measured. Flowering time 7-11 weeks Harvest outdoor 1st half of Nov

Shiva (Dr. Atomic) - mostly indica. This NL/Hashplant/Afghani is true breeding and produces top yields of buds that have a glorious smooth smoke and a sweet/skunk after taste.
Flowering time 50-60 days

Swazi (Nirvana) - mostly sativa

White Widow(Nirvana) - indica/sativa. One of a kind, the winner of the Cannabis Cup '95. A short plant with rather large but few leaves. Compact with many ectremely THC-covered buds.
Flowering time 8 weeks
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As a medical user with the card here in So Cal, man oh man, I sure wish Marc Emery would make this offer to us in the U.S. who do buy loads of seeds from his site.... I havent' noticed this on the pottv site... was it there?
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hey paralyzed420, u should have a vote thing for which seed to grow! just to see what other people might think


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I ended up with different seeds they were out of the medical pack so they gave me 10 NL#9, 10 Skywalker and 12 S.A.G.E x Blue Rhino worth double the test pack
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