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20 Great Stoner Movies

Whats your pick of best stoner movies?

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How High and Dazed & Confused are probably my top


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I love topics like these, so to add my favorite would be Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Jeff Spicoli(Sean Penn) had several good lines, this one being my fave "All I need are some tasty waves, a cool buzz, and I'm fine". It was mentioned in the OP's list but thought it was worth another mention.


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Caddyshack is always a winner! I enjoy watching the old slasher flicks when I'm blazed too. Nightmare on Elm St, Child's Play, Friday the 13th!
Scared the shit outta me as a kid, hilarious as an adult!


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Often(always) forgotten, but always(often) beloved... "Love and a .45"

Best Peter Fonda scenes of all time. And the real debut of Rene Zellweger. Good luck finding it. I wish I could paste torrent links for you all. Look it up.


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I’m a movie junkie, and have like 2000+ DVD/bluray/HD-DVD/uhd combined. Plus I was a projectionist for 12 years, but am only celebrating a year since I started vaping. So I shall add a few movies that I would (no pun intended) Highly Recommend viewing

Brain Donors this is a goofy as hell movie in the vein of a modern day Marx Brother film. Just YouTube Brain Donors Ballet scene to see what you can expect (but that is near the end of the film and so spoilers)

Team America: World Police loved it sober and am planning a viewing hopefully this week stoned (Cinderella 99 being my strain of choice for most viewings)

The Mupprt Movie they are just classics in my house and things can get a bit trippy

Hot Shots/Hot Shots: Part Deux going to say all the little odd things they do is just hilarious and still see things I missed even 10+ viewings later even when sober

. . . Might as well just add The Naked Gun and Airplane series to the above for the same reason

Fantasia/Fantasia 2000 my god the colours and music are amazing when high

What We Do in the Shadows flight of the concords in a vampire and werewolf mocumentary like Spinal Tap movie

If you have a tv/projector that can do 3D I highly suggest anything with space involved is very hypnotic with the separation of the layers of objects and colours to the mostly black abyss. Guardians of the Galaxy 1&2, Avengers: Infinity War and Gravity. Even better with surround sound added too, but that goes for any movie in any state of mind
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