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20 pounds of marijuana sent to St. Croix school- in the mail


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ST. CROIX - A private school in Frederiksted received an unusual delivery in the mail Tuesday morning: a package containing 20 pounds of marijuana.

An office worker at the school said a U.S. Postal Service employee delivered the package about 10 a.m. Tuesday, police spokesman Sgt. Thomas Hannah said. Hannah refused to release the name of the school because he said it could jeopardize the investigation.

The office worker told police that she signed for the package and began to open it. A second package was inside, and once she began to open that one, she experienced a burning sensation on her hands.

"She immediately took the package outside, and the police were notified," Hannah said. "The school took precautionary steps to ensure the safety of the children at the school."

Police said the package had a strong odor of marijuana. They confirmed that the second package contained a 20-pound bundle of the drug.

Hannah said the package was drenched in an acetone-type chemical to mask the marijuana smell and that may be what burned the woman's hands. He said she was not seriously hurt.

The marijuana was confiscated, and an investigation has been launched to determine the origin of the package and the intended recipient, Hannah said.

Anyone with information can call the Criminal Investigation Bureau at 911, 778-2211 ext. 4530, or 778-2211 ext. 4582.

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