200 Celebrities/Famous People Who Smoke Pot

forgot Adam Sandler. I would love to blaze with him and Seth Rogan
Cant forget Toby Keith and Weed with Willy
Whoopie Goldberg (She admits to have smoked, but we know she does)
Robin Williams

I think it's effed up that Kellog dropped Phelps. Don't they realize that potheads love cereal? I think we should all switch to General Mills. Thier Frosted Flake profit will drop a lot.

I think what is proved by Michael Phelps's smoking pot is, not that there is, or was something wrong with him , but instead that obviously it did not affect his stellar athletic skills. This Country needs to grow up, and light up.;)
I could probably name another 1000 people who are famous who smoke pot or have...
in no specific order...

1) Robin Williams
2) Owen Wilson
3) Seth Green
3) Vince Vaughn
4) Dr. Dre ( I mean your gonna mention Eminem and Snoop but not Dre? )
5) Dane Cook
6) Jesus (documented in the bible, never actually read it though, heard it was a great fiction novel)
7) Moses was smoking some shit when he parted the sea! (again in the novel)
8) Kane killed Able because he stole his stash! (you know its true, they were farmers, in the novel)
9) Ghandi (obviously)
10) Ashton Kucher (may have spelled it wrong but don't give a fuck)
11) Me &... I'm not going to name 1000 fortunately but you get my meaning

Pretty much everyone has or does smoke pot. The only exception could and should be the pope... only because the bubble doesn't have adequate ventilation!
make a shorter list please.... make one of the celebs who are sober. lmfao!!!!
Lucky guy, can you imagine the clam bake from that?!

True statement from Speedcult but I was referring to the overall glass structure itself. The whole thing would fog up and then the pope would disappear in a cloud of smoke and no one would know why. Then we'd find out later that Lucifer was jonesin for some herbs too and kidnapped the pope and took his stash. After that the bubble would need some serious windexin also!!!

Can you tell I'm :tokin:?
Erykah Badu said she "used to" smoke (love her!). Then there is Lil' Kim, she says she smokes all the time. Faith Evans apparently got busted for having marijuana in the car. Trina alludes to marijuana in some of her songs, Rasheeda etc. Then Jill Scott also alluded to smoking marijuana in her song "Long Walk".
Does anyone know of any wrestlers that do it other then RVD and Sabu?

John Morrison ,the late Eddie Guerro,Lex Luger ,Macho Man ,Test and a few more of the older guys that are dead now like adrian adonis , The Canadian Wild Man. This information is not from interviews however My neighbour before his retirement was the largest wrestling promoter in Canada So I have met and smoked pot with almost everyone of these people.
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