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Well, cool. That somehow makes it perfectly legal to smuggle cannabis seeds across the US border, then, lol? Once your order makes it through Customs, and your regional USPS ISC, you should be fine. (But the same is probably true for the rest of us, too, come to think of it.)

If that's all you got from my post, I don't know what to tell you. Sue your high school principal, maybe, IDK.

EDIT: I read on another company's website yesterday about a giveaway, and there was mention of the "places" (on the Internet) that people could enter the drawing. One of which happens to be our forum. But I've just had a look and... there's no thread in this "sponsors' section" about any giveaway :rolleyes: . I'm not going to mention the name of that company, because it'd probably be annoying to discuss one sponsor in another sponsor's thread, lol (and might possibly be in violation of the forum rules, IDK). But, from your posts, it's clear that it's a company that you do business with ;) . Sometimes... "sh!t happens."
Yeah, we're all doing it out in the open and I've been a ride or die champion to end prohibition since 1996. Ill go down in flames, in jail, in the grave to end prohibition. Check my name

You act like it's some big secret.

For one, Im not complaining about customs or legalities. I stated my order was 35 days with no seeds. I'm on a limited time frame, and I still have nothing. I don't just buy one or two seeds, I spend HUNDREDS of dollars per multiple orders and when I order expecting to put in ground, outdoors, by a certain date, and seeds are still not here, Im going to complain.

BTW, what does my high school principal have to do with anything?

They fixed the problem, Im content, you can order wherever you want


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Whoever it was that went into some long ramble about reviews and legalities, etc... that's great but has nothing to do with me. No offense. I'm sure you're a great person but all that really doesn't concern me. So like I said, no offense and happy growing.

It wasn't meant as an insult, rambling is a word. Don't take it personally. And the way my phone jumps around, maybe I quoted the wrong person, if I did, my mistake and I'm sorry. There were multiple responses in a very short period, so maybe I misquoted you.

I need the seeds for planting outdoors, if I don't receive them before a certain date, I can't use them for intended purpose until next year. Im not the average "OH customs took my order, it's your fault or, it's been 2 weeks ,I haven't got my seeds". It's been 35 days and the window for outdoor planting is closing or closed in some cases. Plain and simple

Also, I understand that breeders "pass around" strains but GOOD breeders understand how to breed and the meaning of F1, F2, F3 ,F4 etc... so what are you and others getting if it's not from a specific breeder? Just random bred seeds? I mean, Im not trying to insult anyone but there's a process to follow in this hobby and business.

Anyways, the order has been refunded, problem solved. I wish you guys the best.
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Naw, I'm not bothered by the comment about rambling. I'm aware that this is one of my... foibles?

I was joking that if you looked at my post as being a "straight-up defense" of this sponsor, it might give you grounds for winning a lawsuit for being awarded a diploma. Might have been one of those things that works better in person (where we can see facial expressions and hear tone of voice) than across a "semi-sterile" medium such as the Internet. I apologize for that.

I'm not even sure that I'm a great person, lol. I generally try, but I also know that I'm "a bit of an arse" when I'm not actively attempting to minimize it, and occasionally when I am so trying, probably. So thanks for giving me the benefit of the doubt.

I think my main point was that nothing beats first-hand reports by the members of a forum that we belong to and routinely interact with, and that those reports are doubly important where a new business is concerned, and triply so when it's a sponsor of that forum, because the owner of the forum takes things seriously and wants only decent businesses here. (Which is why I appreciate your firsthand report!)

Companies know this. It's probably why they often pass out free merchandise when becoming a sponsor, so that they can be assured that some of that merchandise gets into the hands of people who can and will give reports of their experiences with said products (and companies). When it works, it helps the business, the forum, and the members.

I've been trying to use my cell phone, off and on, for the past few weeks to interact on the forum. You have my sympathies, lol. My biggest annoyance right now <INSERT FIVE MINUTE RANT FULL OF NON-REPEATING CURSE WORDS HERE ;) > are those #@%^ing "up and down green arrow boxes" that keep appearing on the bottom right corner of my display. My hands aren't perfectly steady these days, a couple of my fingers have already started doing that thing (genetic issue, maybe, Mom's fingers no longer point in the proper direction due to all the joint deterioration, and grandma's hands looked like hooked animal paws before she died) where the tips start "leaning in non-straight directions." So it makes hitting an exact, specific spot kind of problematic. And my eyesight is poor (20:120 in one eye, 20:150 in the other), so I have to zoom, zoom, zoom everything. IOW, much screen-tapping. And seemingly every other time I have to do so, those green arrow boxes appear .000001 seconds before my finger touches the screen and <BAM!> I'm whisked to either the very top or the very bottom of the page.

So I'm now thinking that you can read/comprehend just fine, it's just difficult to do so on a display that's so small it fits in the hand.


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I didn't mean it in a bad way, so sorry about that but I think my phone was jumping between different threads and different posts. Plus I've been dealing with a different company basically blowing smoke up my arse for the last days, so I've been irritable.

Things are getting better now. I take this profession/ hobby/ business very seriously, so it's a touchy subject for me.

So please accept my apologies.

And just to keep on topic, if I'm still in the proper thread, Dutch Seeds has refunded my order. So at least they are actually taking care of their customers. I cannot comment on seeds because I never received any. Maybe customs got them? The world may never know. But a thank you goes out to them for refunding.

HAPPY GROWING! I need a smoke break


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Well if you're ordering direct from seedsman, I wouldn't mind but from a 3rd party website? Its risky
The vendor you mentioned IS a "third-party website" for the dozens of breeders' products that it carries, in addition to its own creations :rolleyes: .

It's really not an uncommon practice in the industry. I don't know that cannabis seeds in a generic bag are any more "stealth" than ones in fancy packaging - but it does make them easier to hide, because they take up less space that way.

I like receiving original breeders' packaging, but it's mostly because of the way they look. I figure if a business is going to try to con me with, say, hemp seeds that can be bought by the bushel, there's nothing stopping them from producing counterfeit packaging, so being shipped in cute "OEM" type packaging doesn't guarantee anything at all. And I do get a little nervous when I know that something in a colorful "cannabis seeds in this tin" container are en route to me.

I do like having the choice to decide for myself whether I want breeder's packaging, though.


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Ill do a auto flower grow if available. Could do a full on journal for y'all


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i'm going to give some more free seeds, but only to people that have growing journals on their record and are willing to do a journal and post here on 420magazine

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i'm going to give some more free seeds, but only to people that have growing journals on their record and are willing to do a journal and post here on 420magazine
Me too please.

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