2011 Rekles - Outdoor Fire OG and GDP!


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Hey People,

I used to use this site a few years ago and I find myself back. Too bad I forgot my log in and password. lol

Anyways, I finally moved into a house and have a good amount of backyard space to start a grow for the summer.

I picked up 2 Clones of FIRE OG and GDP. I think 4 plants will do me well. I have smoked each one and they are great quality strains. I heard they are both good producers and will give me plenty of solid colas.

My Plan:
1. I have family that will come over once in a while so I plan on growing these plants in pots. I plan on picking up 4x 18gl pots from target today or getting something similar from the grow shop. I like the thickness of these and the handles make them easy to move when family stops by. Rope Tub - Violet (18 gal.) : Target

2. I typically use Fox Farm Ocean Forrest Soil for my indoor grows. Thus, I will probably be using some of that for this outdoor grow as well. I have also been considering making my own soil mixture but am still researching a good soil mix. Any suggestions?

3. I will be gone for a few weeks in the middle of the grow and probably a week or two towards the end. Thus, I will probably be setting up a water pump and either a drip system or just a watering system that automatically waters every few days. Already have a trash can, pump, timer, etc.

4. I have had good experience using the fox farm nutrients and have a lot left over that I will probably be using.

Since this was a last minute decision hopefully I can put this all together quickly.

Also, I will be adding a camera to the outdoor area not just for security but so that I may view the cam online whenever I want to check in on the ladies. :)

Please offer up any advice, suggestions, help, etc. I have done 6 Indoor grows successively and hope this turns out the same...but bigger. lol
Fire OG and GDP

Ok, So today I ordered a fairly simple 6ft x 8ft x 6ftgreenhouse.

I also bought some wood and poly to make some planters with. I will be building boxes roughly 2ft x 2ft x 1.5ft. I bought 6 bags of FFOF soil. I will be mixing in some more perlite to help aerate. Im not sure if I have enough soil. I might need to pick up some more soon. Ill be planting my 4 clones in 1gal pots for a few weeks to get the rooting started and get the greenhouse all set up.

I still need to purchase a Trash can to use for making my watering mix. Ill start the first few weeks with just pH'd water and Seaweed Extract.

I have some Blueberry Purps Calling to me. Peace.;)
Here are some pictures of what I have been up to. I built 4 Box planters to hold the clones when they get bigger and when the greenhouse is set-up. I made them 2ft x 2ft x 13" and put clear poly on the inside. Each planter can hold 2 bags of Soil. I only put 1 bag in each and still have 2 bags that I will add when I transplant the clones.

2 FIRE OG on left and 2 Ken's GDP on the right.

Transplanted clones into 1 Gal pots for now. I hid them among other plants pretty well lol

The 4 Planters. They are flat and even but the ground underneath them are not even. Also sprayed them green for fun. lol

Already filled with Soil. Watered and covered with the bags to keep the moisture in for a while.

Can't wait to see some GROWTH! ;)
Finally got my Greenhouse yesterday and set it up today. Im pretty excited now. lol

I had some left over wood and plenty of room in the Greenhouse so I picked up 2 more clones. I ended up getting some LA Confidential. Ill plant them in small pots for now. Veg them for a little bit, then place them outside in a planter.

Pics coming soon.
This already has the ingredients to become one hell of a masterpiece! :yummy:

Thanks Dekon, I hope so as well. :blunt:

Its been a little while since my last update so I figure better late than never. Ive been busy with finals. lol

A week or so ago I placed the clones under 2 Light bars to get some mild veg going. The weather has been pretty crappy so Im glad I brought them inside. The light bars grow soooo slow that I couldnt take it anymore. Instead of pulling out my Magnum XXXL hood for just the 6 little ladies I decided to go buy a cool tube to hook my ballast up to. A feel a lot happier having my 600w MH watching over my plants now. :)

I have the greenhouse all set-up and then realized its not ready. Since I got the 2 other LA Con clones...I need to build 2 more planter boxes and get another bag of soil. The 6 planters will give me a few feet between each plant to walk around the check them out as they grow. One I make the 2 other planters I will have to kick out the normal growing plants that are currently being housed in the greenhouse (tomatos, jalapenos, cucumber, etc). I've been considering just making a double size planter for the LA Cons since they are related clones. Ill decided when I get to it lol.

The plants havn't grown as much as I hoped in the past 7-14 days..but thats because of the crap lights. Now that the 600w is on them...Ill probably be placing them outside in the next 2-3 weeks. :)

Bad News now: Ill be leaving for 6 weeks of my grow! Ill be heading out of town for some work around June 8th or so and not getting back till middle or end of july. Im gonna miss a good chuck of grow time and will be hoping my 35 Gallon trash can will water them well. My gf will be checking up on them once a week to keep the trash can full and make sure there aren't any issues. I've been debating setting up the live camera, and now I am certain it will be purchased soon. lol.

Enough rambling, even though I probably missed something, here are a few photos:

I put together a quick PVC pipe set-up to help with veg...my tent is too much hassle to put up for just a few weeks.

Today I went to Home Depot and spent $8 to get some metal and screws to build a reflector for the cool tube :)

Instead of moving the cool tube I decided to put cross bars of pvc with 2 screws through each end and holes in the pvc frame at every inch to help with adjusting heigh based on plant growth.

The ladies

Tallest girl as of now - Fire OG

Here's a Ken's GDP...she's very bushy and has tons of nodes growing out

Quite leafy LA Con

Shelter Logic Greenhouse 8ft x 6ft x 6ft, Perfect fit behind the garage

35gl trash can used for reservoir, water is pumped out and dumps back in, also has the air pump with stones. Quickly Painted white to keep water temp low

Inside green house, you can see the current occupants plus 4 planters ready to go

-Rek :woohoo:
i was just going to suggest moving the light down. they'll react within a 1/2 hour to 1 hour. i suggest moving it down to about 18 " and see what happens, if they get burned move it up 6 inches or so and so on. i made the mistake of having it too high and when i moved it down they reacted positively.

when are you moving them outside and how long are you planning on flowering them for?
I was told this strains should be finishing up in september. Ill be moving them outside when they get a little bit bigger and once the weather gets better. Plus, I still need another bag of soil and build 2 more planters.

I decided to put the plants up to 8" from the light just too see what would happen. After an hour or 2 the girls showed some mild disscoleration on the leaf tips...nothing too bad. So, I decided to move them 12" from the light and they seem to be fine so far.

Pics of tips:


-Rek :headbanger:
have you topped these girls yet? i topped 3 of my purple og's and after seeing the result i wish i would have topped every thing.

if not topping, you should really consider snapping the top of the plant..im sure you saw the photo in my journal of when i did it and the subsequent results. i should get a new photo up of "the runt" because she's just going nuts afterwards. i did it again after that bend healed up and once again she went nuts. insane the little things that can make the sickest difference
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