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2012 Thick Clear Glass Middle Sized Bong Series

BongIn Stoner

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Hello dear friends, Just to infor you that we have in our store interesting water bongs made from thick glass (5 and 4mm). Clear glass is cheaper so it is all good price and worth consideration. Take a look:

So what do you think? Have a chance in your eyes ?


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Theyr beautiful, we the dutch like glass pipes, very hard to find for us.
good stuff...what i know from experience is that people like big sized stuff.....Why ..i dont know ...but thy do....its a extension me thinks....
imho.....the more added, the more chances of breaking....i like a no nonsense bong.....it has to work....and if its nice to look at its a plus.....yours looks like a no nonsense bong....so you win.....your produkt gets the stamp of approval of the dutch society of quilting bong smokers.
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