2015 Dr. Bearkenstien Goes Crazy Grow Journal


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Strain: Pre-98 Bubba Kush X Blue Dream
Sativa Dominate ( I think )
Seedling 28 days
started outside then brought in at 28 days
coco/soil mix at 70/30
3 gal. Pots
2 600w HPS
Air Cooled
Temp Lights On 80-90
Lights off 68-79
PH : 6.0-6.5
No Pest
Water : Every other day
Nutes is a professional line that is not a sponsor but it is Roots Organic Buddah Grow Buddah Bloom Trinity and HPK
( Hope they don't delte that )
Started The day with a complete tear down and scrub and sterilize of room. The redid wind a exhaust system.


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room is 4x7.5x7.5
8 3 gal pots


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I'm along for the ride. :439:

welcome attempt at a grow the first ended in failure only because of spider mite infestation the knowledge i got was priceless. Will be adding fotos today sometime


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original grow is closed and am starting this one so everybody got harvested. Have new seedlings going and they are doing well gave them their first nute treatment at half strength. Got the new cool tube in yesterday and will be hanging it in the morning. Here are 2 pics as a teaser till then
seedlings at 26 days


until tomorrow will see you all in the funny papers


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BTW welcome aboard 360 good to see ya here


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Ok day 2 of this grow and have 3 3 gallon pots in the veg room got the laundry racks re-purposed to a light stands/drying rack. As stated above all are pre-98 bubba Kush X Blue Dream. They all got a gallon of water each whatever drained out will get sucked back in. Everyone is due to get their first nute treatment at full strength on Wens. ( got half strength last wens or thrurs ) Now as promised Pics of everything i been up to in my lab
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Light Bay #1

Plant #1 Day 1 of veg

Plant #2 Day 1 Veg

Plant #3 1 Day of Veg

That was all I was able to get done today so I guess I will see ya all in the funny papers


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welcome aboard everyone the fun is gonna start ( i hope ). I am blessed to have some really good growers coming in so this grow will be better. I have learned a lot from my last grow and the main thing i learned is LEAVE THEM ALONE if they are not showing any distress


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It has been a few days so let me get ya'll caught up. we have 6 plants in veg for the past 7 days ( remember they were 3 weeks old when They went into the veg room ) . The have been getting water every other day and got their first half dose nutes on Sat.Temps been holding at 80-95 with lights on and 50-70 with lights out.On Fri. I got a shipment of beans in from a freind ( ty mr og) so we added 12 jackalope jack smack X chocolope) to the family the are being germinated in dirt right now they are of unknown sex at the moment.
Here is the important stuff
Alchemy Plant 1 & 2

Alchemy 1 close up

Alchemy 2 close up

Alchemy plant 3 close up

Alchemy Plant 4 close up the yellow tint is from lights

Alchemy Plant 5 close up

Everything in the lab is looking good and holding. That is all for today so see ya's in the funny papers
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