2017 Aliens Have Landed! Leaving Behind Elite Ecwam & Deweyponics


Plant of the Month: Sept 2021

HAhahahaha and a $#!T load of seeds.


Cute, huh....

I finally got Fed-up with chasing the Organic train that technically does NOT exist in hydroponics... Considering the high end sterile nutrient lines (Not to be confused with anything from AN)lol
More on this subject....

The thing is, we need something to break down the decaying matter that is in our tank and hydroton (grow medium).
Options are basically....
enzymatic or chemical.

The enzymatic way would require the use of an enzyme.
Every manufacturer makes a ZYME product. "They Claim" can do the job of breaking down the organic material. Once everything is eaten up, they die off without affecting (yea right) anything else. And "good" microbes will (should?, probably? maybe?) stay in the system. {what system? NOT DWC!}

Chemical, would be the H2O2 type route. This will KILL "good" and "bad" bacteria/fungi.

whether it's deemed as "good" bacteria/fungi or "bad" bacteria/fungi, you don't really need either in hydroponics.

I can feed them nutrients that essentially bypass the steps the bacteria and fungi take to break down the material.
Nutrients (certain ones) can be immediately available to the plants root zone and shouldn't "need" the beneficial's to break it down and feed it to the plant.

OK,I Still need to establish an overall immune response of the plant. RIGHT!

Max potential to achieve complete genetic capabilities. And maintain the health of the reservoir.

Flying Skull product line claims to achieve this at a very low cost!

As I said before...Considering the high end sterile nutrient lines. DO NOT NEED THEM.
All products I have used in DWC (standalone), RDWC, TOP FEED, MISTERS, EBB&FLOW Have left traces of bad bacteria within the reservoir.
Most reacted poorly to pH down.
Almost all screwed with Amino and Folvic Acids.
So I have to sterilize every week? to maintain a healthy system? Really? That is a lot of wasted nutrients.
What if I believe I can get organic quality out of Hydroponics. Without the cost of a microbial nightmare.

In the beginning.......

Drain to Waste (5 gal buckets, utility footlocker). Using Gordon's ECWAM Schedule.
Micro Feed Nutrients at a Low EC.
Aeroponics Require Less Nutrient Solution.

Simple DIY Standalone DWC with Dewey Misters.
Nutrients: Flying Skull (full lineup)
Lights: LED and T5
Strain(s) Alien OG and a Basket Full of Surprises.
Seedling / Clone Area: Were Ever?
VEG Area: 3'x3'x8'
Flower Area: 9'x5'x8'
Environmental is controlled and constant for the grow phases.

And we are Off to a Promising Start!!!!
Seeds in paper towel on the 12th of July.
Rockwool Starter Cup on the 14th of July
3gal Starter Tote on the 21st of July
(I will use up some quality beneficial during the seedling phase)
Well Water: Natural pH 5.45, EC 0.01, ppm 10. (2.5gal)
AN Tarantula: 4ml
CH Completzym: 4ml
CH Root XL: 4ml
FS z7: 1ml each (2part)

ROOTS 23 July


30 July



Setup in progress
Aug 1st is the start of the SOG. 8 plants started for 18 to 24 clones.
Clones will be rooted for an SOG.

Strain: Mystery GSC Hybrid




Plant of the Month: Sept 2021
re: 2017 Aliens Have landed! Leaving Behind Elite Ecwam & Deweyponics

PW, I will be following for sure!
Thanks again BF for on-site into Dewey and Flying Skull.
Anticipation to get started has me second guessing myself or chasing my ass.
Keeping it simple. I hope


Plant of the Month: Sept 2021
re: 2017 Aliens Have Landed! Leaving Behind Elite Ecwam & Deweyponics

Update for GSC....

1 Aug (1400hrs) seeds put in pH well water with z7 and FS Essential Flora Extract


2 Aug (0800hrs) seed shell begins to split. Seeds are placed in paper towels. Soaked in the same solutions.



2 Aug (1400hrs) 3 seeds placed in starter cups (Rockwool and Hydroton).
(1800hrs) 5 seeds added to starter cups.


There future home.....


Is the Foot Locker.

Alien future home...



Plant of the Month: Sept 2021
Nice looking buckets furcifer, they're insulated?
Yes they Are! ☺
After that early heat wave this spring.
Hydro gets insul.
Helps slow the reservoir creep to ambient temps.
I'll include resevior temp change with other grow data throughout.

GSC Hybrid are starting to poke out
Update later. Thanks for stopping by.


Plant of the Month: Sept 2021
Update on the Alien' s Dewey Home.

23 days from seeds put in paper towles.

Finished the covers. Added a 4 inch air stone.



Modified the 6 inch net cups to except the 2 inch cups.


All settled in! And looking good!


Mixed 1/4 cup dry crystals of Micro, Grow, and Bloom into separate containers with 400ml of water.

1ml of each combined in 1 gallon of water = 30ppm / 0.03 EC

First day of nutrients
(Resivior 1.5 gallons of water)
1.5 ml Flora Extract
2.5ml Micro
2.5ml Grow
2.5ml Bloom
1.25ml z7

EC. 0.03
ppm 40
pH 5.57

Water temp. 66deg F.
Ambient temp 81deg F.

Lights T5 (4 each 62000k bulbs, 2 foot)
Will switch to a MARS HYDRO 48 Reflector in a couple of days.

Lady G2HM

Member of the Month: April 2017
YES! YES! YES! Finally, your skills will give us thrills. I'm so excited, I'm smiling so much. I just had to run here and thank you for the horse pictures, my heart hugged you right away. You know how to tug my heart strings...;)

Now I get to bask in your sunlight and learn from your glory. :circle-of-love: Thanks for having me over, I think I will go feed the horses, talk to the chickens and play with the doggy now. So much to do at your house...;)


Plant of the Month: Sept 2021
Haha my favorite brainiac had come to visit!
G2HM, you are welcome to partake in this journal...in any way you please.
Just in time for a quick update.

Alien Seedlings are 23 days old.
24 hrs in Deweyponics appears promising.
Finally have the grow room back in order.



GSC seedlings in the past 24 hrs



No. 8 is just starting to push through.

Next project....SOG tote.


Plant of the Month: Sept 2021
Tossed the GSC into the starter tub
Last night. Roots just sticking out of bottom.

12 hours later





Flex sealed the rivets that affached the handle.


Installed rubber grommet.


Holes drilled


Beginning of a cooler


Reinforced top[emoji106]


Plant of the Month: Sept 2021
Thanks PW, can't wait to see them both in action!

Welcome to the high ground "Gauge Steele". G2HM is still redecorating.
Will try to keep it interesting!!!
Appreciate the recognition.
Same back to ya' brother.
Beep, Beep on the go.....


Plant of the Month: Sept 2021
Ok, how do I grow a strain for medicine...max yield....small space....shortest amount of time....budget??????

This is where my quest started almost a year ago.

I took my decades of gorilla, patio/container soil grow experience.
Couple years of hydro experience (NFT and Dutch Bucket).

Started a cabinet grow inside.
Hydro...DWC, Standalone.
20"x14"x5'6" overpriced piece of shit grow box.
WW 9 plants in a SOG
Changed to grow for clones
19 clones taken
Harvested 1/3 on weeks 7, 9 and 10
5.6 ounces (marketable bud only, no trim no popcorn)


Same time frame
The next grow was designed for a larger grow cabinet 2 each 24"x36"x6' wall lockers. Separate Clone. Veg, Flower compartments.


its being repurposed into a HUMIDOR?

Hydro, DWC standalone 10gal tote.
32"x24"x8' closet cubbyhole.
WW 4 plants 1 runt
80 days of training, 80 days of flower
40 clones taken
10.4 ounces (marketable bud no trim no popcorn



Hydro, DWC standalone 7gal tote.
16"x34"x6.5" under bed tote
WW 21 plants in a SOG
5 weeks of rooting/veg, 10 weeks of flower


4th week of flower unexpected heat wave hit. No A/C set up. Temps, pH, Lockout.....2 weeks of battered distress and sloooooowwwww growth.


Yielded a disappointing 8.7 ounces

During this time the grow box has come together. Operating efficiently environmentally.

Started a 36 clone tote 15 gal. Grew out of proportion during the heat wave. Delayed flowering turned into more of a hassle than worth the effort. Brought to an early harvest for Fresh Harvest OIL.
Hydro was becoming a major issue!
I only need to run independent standalone drain to waste systems.

MY THOUGHTS ON HYDRO! I'll try to be professional with this.

To maximize the benefits of growing in hydroponics.
It's important to know how to fine tune the nutrient regimen.
This will ensure plants are getting everything they need. In the right doses at the right time.
Understanding and utilizing EC readings as a measurement tool. designed to monitor and to feed a mix of the right elements for optimal growth and yield.

EC is a great management tool for hydroponics, but it can be misleading when you're using organic fertilizers. Organic molecules generally don't conduct electricity.
Plants can't take up large, uncharged organic molecules; they must first be digested by micro-organisms in the SOIL into tiny ions that plants absorb through the roots in a process called mineralization.

Micro-organisms such as mycorrhizal fungi and plant-growth-promoting rhizobacteria produce organic acids and enzymes that release the mineral ions from SOIL and organic matter into a form that the roots can absorb.
In SOIL systems, organic fertilizers feed the micro-organisms, and the micro-organisms feed the plants. Only the ions that are ready for plant use will be measured with an EC meter.

Hydroponics provides a shortcut for mineral uptake.
The minerals for hydroponics are mined from the earth and ocean. Than processed into their water-soluble, ionic form.
When hydroponic fertilizers dissolve in water, they immediately split up into a nutritious blend of positively and negatively charged mineral ions, bypassing the micro-organisms and directly feeding the plant.

By giving the plant all of its nutrients in water-soluble, ionic forms, the plant can take up nutrients quickly.

ENOUPH being nice....

Hydroponic Companies nutrients are not designed to micro feed.

Look at all the money ($$$$) they would lose without multitudes of Beneficial's, enhancer's and good old "you need this stuff to grow big" products.

Don't get me wrong...there are products out there that fit the bill for micro feed, but they do come with a cost$$$
AN, NPK, CH all make products or combination thereof. For $0.47 to $1.10 per gallon to feed.

Had a great conversation with AN Helpline representative. He advised me that "With all are products. You really need to flush your system with H2O2 every 5 to 7 days". Claimed he was a hydro grower using AN products. Growing 300 plants at a time. Shit got too expensive and ended up going back to soil.

AN sponsored a NEW Grow-Op in Colorado with a one-year FREE NUTRIENT contract.
18 months later?????? To expensive? Closed their doors for good though.

I have the room now. Contemplated going back to soil....I'll do G2HM self-watering system...Maybe an Ebb & Flow.

Grow Box is on hold.....

Turning a master bath walk-in closet addition to my poorhouse into the cultivation area.

Following some 420 member's journals.

Pennywise is rockin it in the same environmental issues???

"Z7" he says. What the F#C& is z7?

Extensive research into z7 and their manufacturer has led me to a nutrient line.
That claims to micro feed their products (7 products, only need 5 to work) at pennies per gallon.

Bedroom Farmer has introduced to the community "Dewey Misters" aeroponic system.

With the combination of both....looking for a phenomenal cost effective grow.

ON POINT and on with the build
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