2017 Greenhouse Mix Strain Auto & Photoperiod


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Hi ladies and gents and welcome to my greenhouse. i wasn't going to do any journal but had been taking pics and figured i have em so might as well share em.

Strains: my first time growing all of them from seed
Barneys Auto Critical Kush-Ruderalis x Indica
THSeeds Auto MK-Ultra Kush-mostly indica
THSeeds Original Bubblegum-mostly indica
HSO Blue Dream-70 stativa/30 indica
Karma genetics Orange bubba-mostly indica

The MK ultra is about 5 weeks into flower while the rest are still vegging. both of the auto were started at the same time but the Auto critical looks to be just starting to flower now.

Grown in a hoophouse which is 12x40 and 9.5' high in the center. The plants are planted in 12" raised beds with open bottoms so have tons of root space. Beds filled with soil blend

Soil make-up:
1/3 coir and peat blend
1/3 composted horse and goat manure
1/3 Perlite/ vermiculite blend

crab meal
fish bone meal
alfalfa meal
kelp meal
neem seed meal
oyster shell meal
blood meal
bone meal
glacier rock dust
green sand
homegrown EWC

watered daily with non ph'd water from the hose.

Fed every couple weeks with either an AACT, Rabbit Manure Tea, and soon will be giving them a fermented botanical tea(comfrey, borage and chamomile)

We have been HOT, most days are high 30 to low 40 in the greenhouse with some getting even higher. humidity is around 70% most of the time

nothing serious but have had some flea beetle and a few caterpillars and worms. greenhouse is loaded with ladybugs, predatory wasps and even have a resident tree frog that likes to guard my plants

This is my first time growing anything in a greenhouse and also my first attempt at growing anything organically.
I had planned on just letting them grow and do some defoliation throughout the grow but they got huge fast and i had to butcher them to stumps several time throughout the season. im sure the yield will take a hit but oh well lesson learned.
re: 2017 Greenhouse Mix Strain Auto & Photoperiod

Here they are going in the dirt middle of March, nighttime was still as low as -7 C but put a heater in there and had it staying just above 3 C
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Oh i forgot to mention that while i had the plants inside they went a few weeks into flower. Once i got the plastic on the greenhouse and planted them i cut all the flowers off and left the least developed growing tip on each plant. they took a while to recover starting with one petal on each leaf then up to 3 and back to normal shortly after that. The whole transition took around a month.
re: 2017 Greenhouse Mix Strain Auto & Photoperiod

this is a few weeks after first recovery
Here is the Original Bubblegum

Nestled in next the her is the MK-ultra

Birds eye of them both
Sad day today...


woke up this morning to do my watering and my MK-Ultra had a few spot of but rot so had to cut it down early. about two weeks i would guess
suspected problem is bad choice of planting spot. it was under some bean plants that were dropping dead petals on the buds. i picked them off a couple times a day but they were sticky and maybe i missed them, could have even been a bug that got stuck to them
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