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I don’t like the pictures above so trying again. Need to take her out of the tent to get a really good photo

End of week 6. The tent has an alien in it, certainly nothing like it that I have ever seen. It did fantastic while I was away for 5 days and the water globes worked really well (makes me wonder if I am overwatering). No more nitrogen in the feed, just fox farm big bloom, cal mag, chaching, and blackstrap molasses twice a week. I’m going to start a UVB regimen on Monday and reduce general lighting to 10 on/14 off. My reading suggests these two things really help the ripening process and promote thc production in the case of UVB. Tent RH in the sweet spot, ~45%. Timing for the harvest is keeping me up at night. Please say hello too miss Bruce







I thought I would post some instruction sets from key points in the grow to date (soil, lighting, feed, flush). This is likely old news for most of you, but having this info curated in one place, in a timeline, has been helpful. Remember every plant/tent is different, timing and nutrients vary based on several factors, this is what I've learned about/been doing with BB#3:

Feed and Lighting Table

This is FoxFarms feed schedule (altered to reflect Bruces' particular needs for high(er) doses of calmag and nitrogen), but I added the lighting schedule and EC/PPM/RH% targets, by week. The grey text means that week is complete). Again, all well known information, but now in 1 place, by week!). BB#3 was a long vegger'



This shows the Soil + Amendments + Progression from Germination to Final Pot. I never had to "transplant", just buried each pot in the new one with some small incisions to promote root growth. I know its more wasteful, but in this way there is little risk of transplant shock, something i have struggled w/before as a gardener.

Moving from Peat Cube to 4" Peat Pot.......Soil Mix (1/4 G or 1G)
3 Quarts/3 cups Happy Frog​
1 Quart/1 cup Pre-Rinsed Coarse Perlite​
2 TBSP/.5 TBSP Fine Dolomite Lime (1 cup/gallon of soil)​
Pre-Rinse Perlite and Clay Pellets​
Pre-soak in PH adj 50% sol of B1/BB/GB/Calmag/Myco solution…drain​
Bury peat cube slightly "high" in 4inch peat pot​
Back-fill , top w/clay pellets, water w/pre-soak solution​
Moving to 1G Fabric Pot
Mix 1G of Soil​
Pre-soak in PH adj 50% sol of B1/BB/GB/Calmag/Myco solution…drain​
Cut bottom/sides of peat pot to promote root growth​
Bury peat pot slightly "high", remove edges, & backfill​
Water (top down) with 100% pre-soak solution​
Moving to 5G Fabric Pot
Mix 4G of Soil (12Q Soil+4Q Perlite+20TBSP Fine Dolomite Lime​
Pre-soak in PH adj 50% sol of B1/BB/GB/Calmag/Myco solution…drain​
Soak, top down, soil in PH Adj DI​
Cut bottom out/slit sides of fab pot​
Bury fab pot slightly high, try to cut the edges of the fab pot off/roll them under? & backfill​
Pre-soak in PH adj 50% sol of B1/BB/GB/Calmag/Myco solution…drain​

Gotta run, more to follow
Crap!!! When I switched to 10/14 lighting, I somehow had the light's turning on in the middle of the night for 2 hours. This went on for 3 days, just found it today and fixed. Hoping that didn't break the flowering regimen or confuse her too much. Has anyone done that before? What a silly mistake, hope that hasn't ruined the grow.
(Almost) End of week 8 flower; Pistils 75%+ brown/Tricomes getting cloudy (~50%), but no amber coloring visible and the colas are not very dense. Miss Bruce needs another 2-3 weeks in the oven by my uneducated eye.

End of week 8.......do you see any amber tric’s? I see a lot of clouded heads, good, but no amber. Fed her for last time today. Going to flush her in the next few days and go straight di water for the remainder of the grow
they look amazingly sticky good - how tall do think they are?
how much did they stretch during the turn over?

Thanks, she's a little over 3 feet tall and doubled in size during the stretch, from ~18" when I flipped her to where she is now. The colas are about 8-12".
Thanks LizardMate, I think Miss Bruce is in her final week or so of life so will start posting Tric pictures daily now until I harvest. I can barely type I am so excited! After reading more than I will ever admit to anyone, I am looking for about 10% of the tric's to go amber before I harvest and I think I am within a week of that (pistils are already ~75%+ brown and most trics seem cloudy) , so here is what I am thinking about for my harvest plan. As always this is nothing new for most of you and I am still learning. This is just my plan for my girl in my environment. Let me know if you have any comments.

T-14D Harvest Plan

Have a full harvest plan (trim+dry+cure). It's easy to whack her down at any time when you live alone or with someone who doesn't mind the smell of a dead skunk soaked in diesel fuel. For those of us with kids or a wife with a keen sense of smell, where secrecy and privacy can be difficult to achieve, some careful planning and forethought can prevent a panicked, risk laden, sloppy process. Have several harvest sites/plans in mind and be ready to go when the window opens. For example, drying is easy for me (I only have 1 plant and can use the tent), but I cant trim and pack her for curing in my basement. Plan A: I will trim her cola by cola at the house during school/work hours (since I work at home) in a deep window well or garage. Plan B: If I cant get the "alone" time for plan A, I will go mobile to a remote fishing spot and do it in from the bed of my truck (its just crowded enough if that makes sense). My buddy trimmed his last plant on his kayak in a remote section of that same lake! The point is, you may need to have more than one harvest plan and be flexible.

T-10D: Final feed per FoxFarm Week 9 feed chart + 5ML/G Molasses
T-7D: 5G flush with PH Adj DI H2O + FoxFarm Sledgehammer
T-5D: 5G Flush w/PH Adj DI H2O
T-3D: 5G Flush w/PH Adj DI H2O
T-2D: Go Dark for 48 Hours
Harvest Day!

Harvest Day Tool Kit
  1. Scissors (2)
  2. Trim Tray
  3. Mason Jars
  4. Trash Bag
  5. Ono
  6. Resinator Resin Cleaner
  7. Paper Towels
  8. Rubbing Alcohol
  9. Boveda RH Packs (60%)
  10. Transport Tub(s), Lined with cardboard, waxless paper or newspaper
  11. Flashlight
  12. Gloves (XL)
  13. Paper Bags
  14. Knife
  15. Change of clothes
  16. Soap
  17. Water
  18. Rags
  19. My Dog
  20. An excuse to be where I am
End of flower week 9 (day 63): Per the seed cultivar bb3 should be harvested on day 63-65 of flower, so we are close. See below for trichome pictures, I don’t think she’s ready quite yet. Pistils look ready and she’s tinging purple, but I need these trics turgid, erect, cloudy/no transparency, and mushroom shaped (the very words I would use to describe myself ) and I don’t think we are quite there yet




Day 65 of flower: I think she hermied when I messed up the light cycle. I noticed a nanner or two coming in. You can see one above and another one below at the bottom of the full cola picture. Damn it, not sure if I should pull her!




Day 66 flower: I’m going to try and squeeze miss Bruce through the final week of flower and pull her nanners as they present (only 3 so far). If they start to proliferate quickly though, I will pull the plug. Super bummed

See below for trics, still no amber..........



Day 67 Flower: Trics look really cloudy, moving to final stages. Performed defoil of all remaining fan leaves. Switching to 48 hours of darkness and will harvest when dark cycle is complete. I'll post final trichome and plant pictures in a couple of days.
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