2021 Indoor, Soil, Bruce Banner #3, Senorita Bruce, Grow Journal

Day 69 of flower: Senorita Bruce has been cut down after ~40 hours of darkness to finish the flower. I have the colas hanging upside down in the tent and on the dry. See below for some final shots of the plant. I feel hollow inside already (must be time to try her)









Colas resting comfortably, upside down in a dark tent for the last 72 hours. Temp 70d, RH 55%, no fan. I planned to do a dry trim and now that I look at the colas drying, the bigger leaves all curled up and in on themselves and the colas, I am starting to question that decision. It looks like its going to be a messy trim with all that dry leaf, but its too late now, next time I may trim her wet. I am going to check her but she will likely need another few days. I am nervous about touching her and pulling her apart for canning, no idea why :)
Day 4 Post Harvest: Paulie let me into the tent this morning to smack the colas around (like Rocky used to do with the meat). I here it improves the drying process (just kidding)...........Its a little dry in there (70d/51%RH) so I hung a wet towel to (hopefully) increase RH, closer to the target 55%.
Day 7 Post Cutdown: Still to wet to cure but drying nice and slow in 70d, 55%RH tent. I am ready to trim and cure when she is. Haven’t tried her yet, waiting until she is dry, but she is starting to smell like pot again thank goodness. I need to boost yield in the next grow, more colas and larger. She is shriveling up really fast, not sure how much we will pull but it’s all going on the top-shelf/personal shelf anyway.

Day 9 Post Cut-Down: I've trimmed and canned 5 of 7 colas (big mason jars w/58% RH Boveda Pack), will do the last 2 tomorrow and start burping the jars 2x/day for the first week or so. Initial impressions:

My expectations for quality, yield, and bud density were very, very high, likely to high for a first time grow. I followed every tactic to the letter, read every u-tube post, read two books, had a good/detailed plan, and thought I executed it fairly well, but I missed some thing(s) and it definitely impacted yield, I may only get 3-4 OZ, and the buds don't seem as dense/compact as I would have hoped (maybe that will change as it dries/cures). I have some thoughts on where things went wrong, but let me test her out for quality, the most important attribute, and I'll come back with a complete report, picts, and close the journal.
Final Report:

No scale, but it looks like the harvest yielded about 3 OZ's. While expectations were for a higher yield, I can chalk up the miss to several things, including my own mistakes (broke off two mains during HST) and the size of the tent, which is pretty small compared to the palaces I see some guys on this site use. Besides, this was never about yield, this was about learning how to to do this and having some high quality, top shelf herb around for those big fishing/camping trips. To the point of quality, I loaded up the bong with a bud of BB#3 last night, for the first time, and I am impressed. While the buds still don't smell quite right, they are much more compact than originally thought. They have really tightened up over the past two weeks, and they look primo (once someone who knows how to trim finishes the mess I made, thank god I wasn't born a hair-stylist). The high came on quick and was heady/strong for about an hour, then moved to the body where it worked its magic and sent me to bed about 2 hours later. I have a high tolerance and it kicked my butt, so if you are looking for a really strong strain, I highly recommend this one, and in the hands of a master, in a larger grow area, this plant has enormous potential, beyond what I coaxed out of her. The smoke itself was harsh, but that was expected of course given the short cure time/poor trim (and perhaps an insufficient flush). I expect the smoke, smell, and taste to continue to improve in the weeks of curing to come (3-4 month cure is the plan).

Overall, while I cant compare it to anything, I highly recommend this strain and will likely come back to it once I have perfected the craft. It seemed to veg slowly as I lamented about many times in this journal, but I main-lined her which really slowed things down, in part because I over-stripped her during the process, all lessons learned. She (would) respond well to a being mainlined by someone who knows what they are doing and I will continue to mainline my photo-period plants going forward. I like how it allows for control of the size and position of the large cola's this approach seems to produce. It also leads to rock solid, larger buds, there was no trash on this plant. Finally, one of my primary concerns at the beginning was "smell". I would have had to shut this down if so much as a single molecule was scented. I was stunned at how well the carbon filter and in-line fan combination, connected to the tent, eliminated that problem. I would highly recommend getting some Ono if controlling smell is of importance to you, and just open it up "as needed". It will wipe out any smell in a small room in less than a minute. A 2nd carbon scrubber/inline fan combination that can be moved around is an awesome luxury to have if you can afford it. For me, it virtually assured that I could keep the area smelling fresh/clean.

I've got plans for the summer and not much time to commit to another 4 month grow, so I may try an auto in mid-late summer. If not, this winter I've got a Girl Scout Cookie Gelato bean I am going to try and will be back with a journal on that one.

In the meantime, thanks to all of you for your help and support. I had a blast doing this and have learned so much from this site and all of you. Be safe, peace!
Look into organic if you don’t have time. I also am quite busy and sometimes leave my tent for 2-4 days without opening. I also use a camera to monitor when I’m away.
Goodness those are some nice nugs
Thanks she is a great strain, I hadn’t looked at this thread/pictures in a while.I may have to do another run with her. How do you like grandmommy purp? I grew a grand daddy her buds were enormous and strong
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