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21 years then relapse?

Bob Johnson

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:cough::cough:I was clean and sober for 21 years then POOF... It all went up in smoke. I laughed my ass off. My daughter said "do you know why you stoped now." That just made me laugh harder. I couldn't breath but managed to say "No, but i remember why I started now." That was almost 2 yrs ago. It is difficult being an alcohol drug counselor and choosing to imbibe. I've got Hep C, rhuemetoid arthritis, Stage II renal failure and a host of other ailments that seem to allow me to rationalize smoking vs starting on a narcotic..... But, it makes me cough....



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Nothin' wrong with going back to it, you deserve it.

If you cough easily like I do, just take small hits.You can get just as high with a couple of extra little ones, as you can by taking huge ones and holding them in.


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keep w/ the herb, Mr. Johnson. The pharma stuff will kill you if you're not careful.
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