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22 years ago today : DaHui was born


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Hey, everyone, just felt like telling you guys it's my birthday today, yipppeee!
I'm 22, damn, I didn't even see the year go by.. Oh well, I'm still gonna party! I took the rest of the week off as well as Monday, so good times are on there way! :3:

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SeXy VeXy

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I know this is a little after the fact, but:

HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY!!!
22 is a great age to be... old enough to be taken seriously, but young enough to get away with some stupid crap ;)
Hope you had a pile of fun and wish you many more!!! :bong:


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Happy birthday!

Ill be 22 in 6 days myself...:D


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Happy Birthday, 22 has treated me well so far. No complaints for the year after 21.


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Happy B-day young lady!:3::peace:


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Thanks everyone! :allgood:

So far it's been going good. I took the day off from work, so I got to sleep in (!) and my bf called me and he's commin' home early from work because the power has been out for the past 3 hours. I asked him to skip work today and hang out with me, he said he couldn't, so must be karma, hehehe. :3:


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Well Happy Birthday! I will be 22 as well in the not so far future.


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But to load up a bowl and smoke some SCHWAG.

Not anything pretty but I'll inhale a bit in your honor, lovely lady!
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