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23% off Volcano Desktop Vaporizer, 45% off RooR Tech: Flush Recycler, and More!


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Hey Guys,

We are running buys on the Volcano Desktop Vaporizer (23% off - $408.99)

RooR Tech: Flush Recycler (45% off - $299.99)

Plenty Vaporizer Complete Set (17% off - $2899.99)

SpaceCase Medium 4-Piece Titanium Grinder (40% off - $49.99)

Inhalater INH05 Vaporizer (32% off - $149.99)

and the Indica Vaporizer (25% off - $149.99)

You guys can see all the buys we have going right now over here.

Please PM me or email me if you have any questions.



New Member
I think the price on the Plenty is a little high, the deal is supposed to be $289.99 if we get a few more people before midnight :)
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