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23 weeks pregnant just stop smoking


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I was wondering if it can still be in my baby system by the time she is born if I have stop i live in connecticut please need some answers.


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if anyone wants to berate me for what i"m about to say, don"t bother as i've heard it all before...... i smoked almost daily up until my son was born, i had a calm natural birth and he is as normal and caring as the next person, it was my decision and i dont regret it..... however, everyone is different and your history would be completely different than mine, i just believe that if you bring your child into a calm enviroment things will work out fine, but as i said everyone is different, you can be as healthy and fit as you like and still experience problems, because i was stoned while pregnant, i ate well and walked daily, i'm not trying to tell you it's ok, just stating my experience, good luck with the birth kayla and if your happy and healthy your baby will be too.... take care


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i'm from ct too. new haven, actually. i heard its fine to smoke out of a bowl through pregnancy. a few of my friends done it and their babies are healthy.
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