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2'3" x 2'3" x2 Closet Build, Seeking advice.


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I currently have a closet that has a built in unit that I cannot remove, however on either side are a 2'3" x 2'3" section that goes up to the top. I figure I can fit a single decent plant on either side, and starters on the top shelf of the central dresser unit.

I already have mylar on the way, but for lighting solutions I was looking at a 400W LED clam top but for only 1 plant (as I would need 2) that can be really expensive. Would a 150W HPS or LED be sufficient for each plant on its own?

I understand that varying grow environments require close monitoring of the distance between the light and the plant, and at times requires adjustments. However with the close proximity of the walls I am curious if that may be somewhat negated?

So rough breakdown of intent is the following:

-(x2) Roughly 2'w x 2'd x 6'h for main plants
-Soil mixed potted plants
-2 lights, one for either main plant with a Florescent light on closet top for starters

Closet is a double door layout. The room has an air conditioning unit but also has some PC's.

Can I get away with one of those vicks humidifiers?
Due to the PC's I think maintaining a temp in the room wont be difficult at ALL
What wattage lights should I rule out for the simple fact of such a confined space?

I have tried several times to plan this out but with such an enormous wealth of information available on both the forums and guides, I get 3 pages into the planning and realize I'm doing something wrong, or probably getting ahead of myself for a first time grow.

Also I was curious if anyone has ever used a product by the name of "SmartPot", its a type of soft pot to grow in but I don't know if it will hold water.


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1.Smart pots hold water just fine.
2.The short answer to the humidifier question is yes but in reality depending on where you live you will probably be fighting to bring it down not up.
3. An area that small (any grow area really) will need an exhaust fan to pull the hot stale air out of the closet. With that said how will you vent the closet while keeping it light tight for the photo cylces? The answer to that is black and white panda plastic and a zipper system to allow you in and out while sealing the room from light etc. (worked for me)
4. The more light you have the better but in a confined space like that it can cause heat issues.
I would say a 150 or 250 hps would probably provide results, anything more might cause heat issues unless you vent them.
You are going in the right direction for a first grow, plan it out as best you can then jump right in!
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