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24 / 48 / 72 hours darkness before chopping? Do I still water?


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Good day folks!

I know this is a really common question but I need some advice concerning the darkness before chopping the plant and watering while in darkness. I'm convinced that total darkness might be of help before harvest. How many hours of darkness should I go for? Do I still feed the plant water while it is in darkness?

This is my first plant and your help will greatly help me in getting an awesome harvest!




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Yes, it does. I've been actually doing it for 12 years and it never done anything wrong. The thing is I never did the opposite, so it's hard for me to tell what that would do :Hookah::laugh2: If you wanna water her till the end, then obviously going dark is not the option, cause u want to beef up yr budz, and they need light to process the excess water into sugars ble ble If you go dark and you don't water for like 4-5 days then there is great deal of terpenes being produced. I don't really think it ups THC content in any way, but it translates to a quality of yr highhh and raises the BRIX. The last one has been confirmed by refractometer users. Then, yr budz they get dry shorter, cause there's no excess of water in the leaves, budz and stalks. They also get nice and plumpy after 3-4 dys. I like it :tokin:


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Awesome conradino for a great reply! I will surely take that into consideration. I might go 72 hours darkness with no water. It really makes sense that they do not need water during this stage. Thanks!!:thanks:
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