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25% rebate for 420 Grow Journals


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Sup 420,

Thanks to everyone who came to the GSL website and used the last discount coupon we offered, were going to have to shut this deal down soon so if your one of the guys that said you needed to wait a bit longer, try n get your order in this week.

NEXT we got a great promotion going on for Grow Stealth LED. Anyone looking to do a grow journal here on 420, your in luck. If you have been looking to get into the quality led grow light world this is your change to get a QUALITY led grow light at 25% off.

Just PM me or leave a shout out on this thread and we can setup something.

Me and the other members of the 420 enjoy watching led grows, so if your ready to be in the spotlight LET US KNOW. We have the best LED Grow light's on the market and I am sure alot of you will get to see this after these journal progress. Or you can just do your research, checkout our new website, LOTS of info there! Links in the signature!

While your there, see which model you could use, if you have a setup that has a canopy size in the range of our lights footprint we can get started right away, and if your a really good grower with proof PM me.

The $50 and $100 coupons are here on 420 for another week: Canasumer Report Promotion - 420 Mag Members Discount - LED Grow Lights
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