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250W MH & HPS First Time Hydro DWC: Unknown Strains


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Hey guys that would be my first post ever in a forum, though that is my second grow.
Last time I got 3\3 females bag seeds when originally planned on just having 1. got 250w sunmaster dual in coco, almost killed them, tried almsot every technique possible, including horrible defoliation, pinching, scrog, a bad scrog and still ended with 140g dry bud. learnt a lot and after a couple of years now I felt the urge to go again and this time hydro.

So that's my current DWC setup:
(Will move into a grow tent w/ 400w soon!)

Grow space: Closet, 55*60*130
Light: Started with a used Sunmaster 250w Dual, now a 250MH.
Reservoirs: 2 x 4 gallons, 1 x 1 gallon
Number of plants: 6
Feminized: No
Air Pumps: 2 x 3.7w double outpoot (2 big air stones in each res.)
Air Circulation: Started with a 6" fan now changed to a big one.
Humidity: 50-60%
Room Temp: 25-27c
Water Source: Tap water (300-400μS)
Water Temp: 22c
PH: 5.8-6.2 (now stable)
EC: Started with ~1600 microsiemens (1000 PPM) now on 1200 micros \ 770 PPM
Nutes: ATATMI Root Stimulator (stopped), ATAMI Coco A+B, Sensi Cal Mag Xtra, ATAMI Universal Coco Booster (yet to be used), ATAMI Atazyme (just gave 1 dose), will add some more ATAMI flowering nutes when time comes.

Now I've dealt with a series of problems as ph fluctuation which caused leaves to look like they suffer from Calcium defficiency, or really it was that along with the ph, weak pumps, dying plant which resurected after moving to coco, maybe a root rot, EC level of over 1800μS and still my plants look OK

** I'm defoliationg any sick leaves and ive had many of these so far, as well i'm defoliating for better light access all the way from week 2-3 **

So here are the pics, enjoy and I'd be glad to get some more tips from virtually anybody as this is my first hydro grow, and it already feels more exciting and WAY HARDER :)

If you got here you can just skeep to the latest post as this is already old news, but i've tried putting in a little bit of how i treated the problems anyhow..

Week 2:

Had some major PH flactuations along with what seemed as a cal\mag deffiency as far as I've observed, one plant is thriving, the others not so much.
roots became brownish maybe as of nutes, used atami root stimulator at that point.
used h202 to eliminate root rot.

Week 3:

2 plants are looking good now, can tell those are indicas, h202 seemed to work well as new roots seemed better and more crisp, still cal\mag sort of looking leaves, little baby is dying..

I'm at week 5 moree pics next comment


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Week 5

They are growing nicely,
roots look better, ph is correct, microsiemens down to 1200

moved the ressorected plant to a temp hydro bucket which will soon be drilled etc..
now it looks a bit sat as i let the coco dry then gently squeezed it out and started rubbing the roots under flowing tap water until 80-90% of the coco\perlite were taken off..pinched it a couple days ago twice, one went good the other one has a bandage on, hopes he does well :)



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Re: 250w MH\HPS First Time Hydro DWC *Unkown Strains* (Week = Veg)

Week 5, 2 days in.

OK Guys so ive just finnished defoliating one my nice my nice looking indicas as so many nodes were starting to pop under the big leaves.
the bad pinched branch didnt make it but it was a strong plant that was revived and thrived for a week later, I set it in a rockwwol with root booster and by monday im gona get it clonex or something then imeediately give it 2\12 to see if this one is a female, if that works id consider taking a branch of each and do it because I am going to move to a bigger tent with 400w hid int it, and getting a Big Big and a White Whidow fem seeds.


I'll try and make it clear as possible for you before the pics as the rest are just a month of pics that set on my camera and so you can better help me as this is my first time hydro grow and I am concerned my 5 weeks progress is slow, although quite encouraged by the fact I was able to learn and maintin so much dramatic changes and flaws in my plants.


1 res. of 4gal with 2 big pots - 2 strong indicas
1 res. of 4gal with 3 small pot - sativas \ sativa domiany hybrids, among them 1 sick plant
1 res. of 1gal with 1 resurected sativa, got pinched now the branch was taken of and is cloning

ph steady at 5.9-6.0 all buckets
got down water temp to 20-21c with a bottle of ice in the res. replacing every 12 hours.
got down microsiemens to 1000 (640 PPM) by dosaging less nutes, mostly dropped calmag from 2:1 to 1:1, after 24 hours signs of calcium def again (signs on pics of sativas, on indicas ive defoliated anyway) so diluted 2 liters from res. water for 2 liters phed tap water with another 1:1 cal mag, hopes that will solve the problem, anyhow I am using tap water with 350 microsiemes. now the res. water are on 1200 micros or 800 PPM

Now one last thing not only the brown black spots of calcium deffiency (as far as my knowledge goes) appeared, but those light rusty eaten leaves appeared (pics below), can anybody put the finger on that?


The badly pinched branched

The badly pinched sative that resurcet and in coco and moved back into hydro

The defoliated indica - top view

Defoliated indica side view

The other Indica

Non defoliated indica side view

Weird rusty deffiency on the same plant

Sativas top view - 2 big plants and 1 dying.

The deffincied leaves on one of the sativas

My Setup (Upgrading soon to 400w & a tent)

And please, you are more than welcome to give your advice as I am here to get better, this becomes a true hobby for me.



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a day later..

lst'ed the indicas more

some deffiency on leaves i think that is calcium but please correct me on that.

the roots of the most healthy indica appear to be the whitest and biggest.
what does that tell me?

both buckets (2 indicas and 3 sativas) are given the exact same nutes etc as followed:

ec lvl: 750 PPM
p.h lvl: 6.0
water temp: 20-22c
nutes: atazyme, coco a+b and full dose of cal mag 2:1000


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Hope all is well in your world.

How did this grow turn out?

We would love to be updated with some pictures and info.

How about posting a 420 Strain Review?

If you need any help with posting photos, please read our Photo Gallery Tutorial.

I am moving this to Abandoned Journals until we get updates.

Sending you lots of love and positive energy.

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