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29,686 Marijuana Plants Destroyed

Jim Finnel

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Operation Green Acres, the most recent effort of Shasta County's joint task force for marijuana eradication efforts, has destroyed 29,686 marijuana plants at six different sites, Sgt. Todd Larson of the Shasta County Sheriff's Department said Friday.

The Shasta County Sheriff's Marijuana Eradication Team, SWAT team, the California Department of Justice Campaign Against Marijuana Planting Task Force, the National Park Service, the Department of Fish and Game and the Bureau of Land Management all played a part in the weeklong operation.

Funded by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, the raids began Monday and continued through Friday. Sites were pinpointed during surveillance operations conducted over the previous two months, Larson said.

"We conducted raids in the Whiskeytown, Lakehead and Big Bend areas," Larson said.

An estimated 13,000 plants were found in one garden on National Park Service Land at Whiskeytown, and another 14,000 were found in three plots on U.S. Forest Service Land in the Lakehead area. There were also two gardens raided in the Big Bend area, Larson said.

A large number of the gardens were being harvested, he said.

Five people found working at the cultivation sites may face criminal charges, Larson said. They will not be identified while the investigation is ongoing, Larson said. Two were arrested, but no one is currently in custody.

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