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2GAAT First/Second Jock Horror+5 Other Strains


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Hello everyone, nice to meet you all :)This is my first and second grow journal and my first time growing my medicine in 20+ years but I finally got my license. I am very new to this and any help/tips is appreciated. I do have a decent catch of things so far.
I currently have 3x Jock Horror and 1 El Dorado under 600w MH. They are about as tall as me (6ft) I bent them across to fit them in the tentI have used no nutrients for these and irresponsibly havent really kept tabs on ph but they are going pretty nice. I did not keep exact count of the days but they are 1-2 weeks away from harvest I believe. I have a 3x3 jardin and they have only been under the MH for a month. They started budding under cheap-o home depot lights. I was going to harvest one, anyone know if this would be okay or if they are going to gain weight/potency over the next few weeks. They are beauties though!
Also I used Miracle Gro Extended Release

My second grow which is more advanced, has 6 different strains.
Currently vegging right now
2x Ak-47 Auto
2x Easy Ryder
2x LA Diva

1x Purple Haze
1x Big Bud
1x Gigabud
1x Big Bud
1x Northern Lights
2x Bubblehum
The ak-47 have been vegging for almost 3 weeks and the others a week and a half
Used Fox Farm Ocean Forest for these.

These are vegging under Flourescents and 120w grow lights until my ones are finished flowering and then they will move into the 600w MH. For flowering I am using a 600w HPS and Fox Farm Nutrient Trio.











If you have any questions or advice its greatly appreciated! :roorrip:


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So I may harvest one here in a little bit I will post video/picture! First harvest I am kind of pumped! Am I doing it too early?

Also the Jock Horror and El Dorado are from nirvana, The Jock Horror is grade A!!


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So I had to harvest one a few weeks ago, didnt dry/cure it long enough but still not bad smoke. The El Dorado was starting to die it seemed like so I cut it down and the other two are going to be cut today. More pictures of harvest coming.

Very pumped to get my others into the tent they are looking beautiful, any advice on best things I need to keep Ph under check?

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Thanks for sharing your grow with us!

Don't forget to head over to the 420 Strain Reviews forum and post your smoke report there too! :cheer:

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