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2nd CFL grow need help

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Dave Groomer

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I have 2 plants, an AK48 and an Ice growing in Miracle Grow organic potting soil with perlite and lyme. They are 3 weeks old, under 4 23w CFL (6500k). I am using Fox Farm Nutes. Soil PH is 6.5. Humidity 50% Temp around 80.

This AM I noticed some brown edges on the Ice. Does anyone have any suggestions? I would like to take care of this ASAP so it doesn't get worse/

Thanks in advance

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Looks to me like the beginning of some sort of nute-burn.

if you still have the bag from the soil, read it... I believe all MG soil (even their "organic" one) has nutes already in the mix in a time-release form. The bag will probably say something like "Feeds for up to 4 months" or something like that. most people consider MG too "hot" of a soil to use, partly because it being time-release, there's no way to control the nutes. if you get nute-burn, as far as I know you just have to ride it out and hope for the best. adding the Fox Farm (at this stage, I'm assuming Grow Big) is just adding fuel to that fire of "hot" soil. FF is an instant nute, so if you had a soil with no nutes to begin with and started to notice burn, you just stop adding (or reduce dosage) your nutes and give it a flush with plain water. There's really no way (that I'm aware of) to do that with a time-release formula soil.

What I would suggest at this point is stop using the FF and just use plain water and see if the condition improves.

Good luck
You really should try to avoid using MG soil as much as possible. It's 'time-released' nutes can cause lots of problems. I think it is time to start feeding your plants as Antics said. Start them on a 25% dosage as see how it goes?